United Gundog Breeders Association

United Gundog Breeders Association


Kennel Club ID. 440

A/V Spaniel Trials 2016

(To be run under The Kennel Club Ltd. rules and regulations.) .-

STAKE 1 Novice A/V. Spaniel. (16 DogStake)

Venue: Steen Yorkshire.

Date: Saturday1th October 2016

Meet: TBD

Judges Mr M Taylor and Mr R Wells

Draw: TBD

Entry fee: Members£30 Non members £50.

Closing date for entries: 17th September 2016 S.A.E or Email address for draw result.


STAKE 2 OPEN Cocker Spaniel. (16 Dog Stake)

Venue: Steen Yorkshire.

Date Saturday 15th October 2016

Meet TBD

Judges: Mr W Clulee and Mr P Mattews

Draw: TBD

Entry fee: Members £30. Non members £50.

Closing date for entries: 1st October 2016 S.A.E or Email address for draw result.


STAKE 3 OPENSpringer. (16 Dog Stake)

Venue: Checkley Wood.

Date Friday 25th November 2016

Meet: TBD

Judges: Mr J Bailey and Mr N Powell

Draw: TBD

Entry fee: Members£30. Non members £50

Closing date for entries: 11th November 2016 S.A.E. or Email address for draw result.


Entries accepted from TBD

E/mail addresses please print clearly

Entries to UGBA.25 Norton Lane, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6PE

Please note

Do not send any membership subs to F. Trial secs. Subs to Treasurer thank you.


Should any circumstances so dictate, the association in consultation with the judges may alter arrangements as necessary changes and circumstances surrounding them must be reported to the Kennel Club Ltd. at the earliest opportunity.

No modifications will be made to this schedule except by permission of the Kennel Club Ltd. followed by advertisement in appropiate journals if time permits before closing entries.

1)Substitution will be permitted provided the dog is equally qualified at the time of close of entries..

2)Preference in the draw for the open stake for Spaniels and Retrievers K,C, rule J.6 G (1)

3)If entering more than one dog, please indicate preference and send separate entry for each dog. (Failure to do so constitutes an incorrect entry and will not be accepted.)

4)Please note that particulars given on entry forms must be identical with the registration of the dog at the Kennel Club Ltd Jointly registered dogs requires joint membership of the association, allowing one entry not two separate entries. Anyone entering a dog registered to him/herself, only requires single membership of the association

5)If the run is not taken up, the applicant may become liable for the full entry fee if his/her place is not taken by another competitor except.

Where the applicant has qualified out of Novice stakes(where applicable)

Where the dog has qualified for the championship after entries closed.

On production of veterinary certificate confirming the dog entered is unfit to compete.

On production of a Medical certificate that the applicant or applicants nominated handler is unable to compete.

6)The association may reserve to itself the right to refuse an entry except that this shall not apply on terms of preference in the draw regulations K.C.J. 6 G.

7)When more than one novice Retriever stake is organised, those members Unsuccessful in the first stake will get preference in the second.

8)Prize Money. 1st. £20-00. 2nd. £15-00. 3rd. £10-00.