08.30 09.30 Registration (In Brookfield Health Sciences Complex Foyer/Atrium)

CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES ON AND BEYOND PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSES: PROGRAMME FOR WEDNESDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2014.08.30 09.30 Registration (in Brookfield Health Sciences Complex foyer/atrium).09.30-09.45 BHSC G02 Welcome. Lydia Sapouna and Harry Gijbels.Chairperson for the day: Lydia Sapouna

Blood and Marrow Transplant


Guide to Finding Mental Health Practitioners

COMMUNITY RESOURCES. Vancouver Island Crisis Line (24 hours). Here to Help Resource and BC Mental Health & Addiction Line:managing mental health or substance abuse problems. 250-310-6789 (24/7) Web. HealthLinkBC (24 hours): Dial 8-1-1. Access to non-emergency health information and services.Web.

Schizophrenic Discourse

Schizophrenic Discourse.Teun A. van Dijk.Abraham, W. (1994). Bateson Sociopsychological Theory and the Language of Schizophrenics: A Linguists Point-of-View. Folia Linguistica, 28(3-4), 475-485

Neurobiology of Suicide: Do Biomarkers Exist?

Neurobiology of suicide: do biomarkers exist?.ONLINE SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL.List of additional references.S1. United Nations (2009) World Population prospects: the 2008 revision, Vol. 1, Comprehensive tables and United Nations, Highlights. Popul Dev Rev 36:854-855

Sample Call for Applications: Wisconsin State Zero Suicide Academy

SAMPLE CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: WISCONSIN STATE ZERO SUICIDE ACADEMY.Mental Health America of Wisconsin (MHA), with support of a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services/Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, is inviting

How Do You Know When More Help Is Needed?

How Do You Know When More Help is Needed?.Most of us want to stay in our homes and live independently for as long as possible. With advancing age or disability, it may be necessary to live in a more supportive environment where there are services and

Using DSM-5 for Quality Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Plans

Using DSM-5 for Quality Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis & Treatment Plans. Directions: Check the answer which is the most correct for each of the following questions on the DSM-5 and its use for quality clinical assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Nightmares and Night Terrors

Patient Handouts. Nightmares and Night Terrors. What are nightmares and night terrors? Nightmares are scary dreams filled with monsters or frightening events. Most people have nightmares sometimes, usually in the early morning hours. If they happen once.

Becky Guiler, Misty Mahan, Renee Pittman, & Keima Thomas

Diagnosing Ignatius: Schizotypal Personality Disorder.The Schizies (Team 4).Becky Guiler, Misty Mahan, Renee Pittman, & Keima Thomas.Schizotypal Personality Disorder (301.22).According to the DSM-IV-TR, is a pervasive pattern of social and interpersonal

Unit 12 Abnormal Psychology

UNIT 12 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY. People love to study the abnormal. By studying abnormal psychology, the hope is to gain a better understanding of normal psychology. 450 million people worldwide are estimated to have a psychological disorder. The disorders vary by culture.

Research Suggestions for Animal-Assisted and Nature-Assisted Therapy and Individual Psychology

Research suggestions for Animal-assisted and Nature-assisted therapy and Individual Psychology. Joseph Breshears. Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. The use of Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) and nature-assisted therapy (NAT) is growing in counseling.