Lord of the Flies (9Th Grade)

Lord of the Flies (9Th Grade)

Lord of the Flies (9th - 12th Grade)


During the course of the book, many opportunities can arise for you to get your class involved and active in the reading and understanding of the novel. This overview of lessons and activities provide this interaction for you and your students.

Learning Objectives-

All students will be able to:

  • Understand the literature foundation of the novel
  • Recall roles of the characters
  • Visualize the setting of the novel
  • Retain key vocabulary words and apply them to current context
  • Analyze themes throughout the book

Duration of Lesson-

10 class periods

Prep before Lesson-

Constructing graphic organizer on Inspiration, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

IP addresses for desired websites

Any desired word document copies for students

Lesson Plan Guideline-

Vocabulary- The following site provides key vocabulary words for the novel. Display the words that you would like your students to learn. Allow them to copy the word and definition. When they read the chapter, they are to find the words the vocabulary words. The following day, they should come to class prepared with the context of the vocabulary word in relation to the novel. (The site also provides more information if you click on the link).

Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

Additional vocabulary exercise- posted on a word document. Challenges your students to relate the vocabulary words to real-life meaning and events.

Theme- During the course of the novel, have students complete the attached graphic organizerson PowerPoint or Inspiration.Discuss different answers and how each student arose at that answer.

Setting- Discuss with your class what they believe the island looks like. What key features, locations, etc would be included? Where in the world do you believe this island could be? The following site shows an image of the island, which includes key features.

Picture of Island

Games- During the middle/end of the novel, work as a class on the Lord of the Flies Adventure Maze, which asks different questions that follow the novel. The students are in charge of where the characters go, who they meet, and what adventures they may take.

The Lord of the Flies Adventure Maze

Another Game- This game is a great review that helps students with characters, quotes, themes, author bio, and much more. The graphics are fun and scores are kept.

Interactive Game

Crossword Puzzle Game- This entire puzzle is based on key questions from Lord of the Flies that the class can do together. A fun review!

Lord of the Flies Crossword Puzzle

Lost at Sea-

In order to gain attention of your class, begin the class with a game online titled “Lost at Sea.” On this site, a scenario is established that you along with your crew is lost somewhere on the Pacific Ocean. You have room on your raft for six items. The question is: Which six items? You are able to choose from a list.

Organize the class into six teams. Each team is able to offer up one suggestion. After all six items have been chosen, the site gives you your survival IQ, your ability to be rescued, etc.

Lost at Sea

Assessment- Quiz.com offers a mini-quiz. This would be a great review/study guide for the class prior to a test.

Quia - Lord of the Flies

Additional Resources-

  • This site offers teachers additional resources for lesson plan ideas, projects, discussions, etc. Not all links are interactive but an informative tool for all teachers.
  • Additional Resources
  • Understanding the dynamic character. This section is still under construction; however, much of it is operational. The movie part is suggested for only those with cable or DSL access.
  • Lord of the Flies Technology Fellowship Project
  • This site questions, “What if ET were discovered id Different Movies by Different Children? A very descriptive passage follows. High School students would enjoy this text and picture. Good essay question!
  • Lord of the Flies Meets E.T.