Large Hedgehog

adapted from Blue’s Hedgehog (

Two strands of smooth worsted weight yarn are used for the nose and face. One strand of worsted and one strand of eyelash are used for the body. Eyes may be embroidered (French knot ( or sewn on felt pieces. Please no buttons or beads as your hedgehog may go to a baby or young child.


3 yards black worsted weight yarn for the nose

10 yards smooth worsted weight yarn for the face

40 yards smooth worsted weight yarn for the face and body

40 yards thick eyelash (e.g., Fun Fur) for the body

Additional 2 yards worsted weight yarn or felt for the eyes



Fabric should be tight enough to hide the stuffing but not stiff.

US 10-11/6.00mm-8.00mm straight or circular (unlike most critters, the hedgehog is knit flat and seamed)

Tapestry needle


CO cast on

Dec decrease

K knit

K2tog knit 2 stitches together

Kfb knit front and back of stitch

Sts stitches


Nose: CO 3 sts using 2 strands of black worsted weight yarn

Row 1: Kfb, K2

Row 2: Kfb, K3

Row 3: K all sts

Face: Change to worsted weight yarn, using 2 strands together, repeat rows 1-3 until the width is approximately 6 inches.

Body: Drop the smaller ball of yarn. Join the eyelash. Continue, using one strand of worsted and one strand of eyelash.

K all sts, all rows until the body is 6-7 inches.

Dec rows:

Row 1: *K1, K2tog* across row

Row 2: K2tog across row.

(Depending on the number of sts, you may have one or two extra sts to knit at the end of the decrease rows.

Cut yarn leaving a long tail for sewing up. Pull end through sts on needle, pull tight and secure.


As you stuff the hedgehog, aim for cuddly, not too soft or too hard.

Stitch and stuff the head first. Continue down the body or stitch from the tail to the head.

Embroider eyes or sew on felt pieces.

Thank you for knitting for others.