Nanny-Family Employment Sample Agreement

This contract between the hiring family: Insert Family’s Name (herein known as Family) and the child care provider Insert Nanny’s Name (herein referred to as Nanny) shall be in force from the date of signature of both parties.

Both parties agree to a give at least one (insert number ex: 1) month notice before job termination unless Nanny is terminated for cause. Although this agreement outlines the key duties of the Nanny, it is not all-inclusive and from time to time the nanny may be asked to perform additional duties that contribute to the safety and well being of the children.

Nanny agrees to a insert number of day (s) day probationary period during which either party may terminate this employment without penalty.

Work Hours and Dates:

Nanny will provide childcare:

Beginning MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY (ex: Septemeber 30th, 2016 - September 30th, 2017)

Insert Days (ex: Mon - Fri)during the hours of Insert Hours (ex: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm).

Nanny agrees to work a standard time frame of Insert Number Hours (ex: 40) per week that shall be referred to hereafter as a standard work-week.


Nanny shall receive a gross salary of $_____ per work-week. Nanny shall be paid by check Insert how often Nanny will be paid. (ex: biweekly). The above compensation calculates to an hourly rate of $___ per hour. Nanny shall be paid this insert overtime hourly rate for all time worked over the standard work-week hours indicated above. Taxes will be withheld and Nanny will be required to fill out the W-4 tax form and willl receive a W-2 at the end of the year.

Job Responsibilities:

Nanny agrees to perform the following checked duties as requirement of her employment:

Put the absolute safety of (Child’s name) first before all other responsibilities.

Tend to (Child’s name) basic needs such as bathing, dressing, changing diapers,

brushing teeth, and afternoon naps.

Administer medicine to (Child’s name)as directed by Family.

Prepare meals for (Child’s name) during scheduled hours; clean up kitchen and

dining table when completed (sanitize bottles etc).

Prepare bottles, boiled water for (Child’s name)’s night feedings

Participate and supervise activities with (Child’s name), which would include: games,

walks, reading to (Child’s name) and possibly play dates, playground outings when (Child’s name) is older.

Research and plan activities that have substantial child development, social

relationship skills and educational value.

Keep a daily Nanny journal with a narrative of (Child’s name)’s meals, naptime,

medication, activities and educational progress.

Maintain (Child’s name)’s laundry on a regular basis (wash, fold/hang and iron when required)

Maintain (Child’s name)’s nursery, keeping it clean, organized and safe (dusting and vacuuming as needed or asked by Family)

Maintain (Child’s name)’s play areas around the house, keeping them clean, safe and organized (dusting and vacuuming as needed or asked by Family)

Help Family with ad-hoc projects agreed upon by both parties if time allows

Insert other duties


If a life-threatening or serious physically damaging event occurs,Nannyshould immediately call 911 and then call Parents (see numbers below). If (Child’s name) become ill or has a less serious and non-life-threatening medical emergency (e.g., develops a fever or rash),Nanny should contact Parents by phone.

Nanny should call Parents at these phone numbers in this order until he/she speaks with a live person (not voicemail):

1.InsertMomName Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

2.Insert Mom’s Name Office: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

3.InsertDad’s Name Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

4.Emergency contact, other than Parents:

§Insert Paternal Grandmother Name, ______Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

§Maternal Grandparents,______

Home : xxx-xxx-xxxx

Insert GrandmaNameCell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Insert GrandadName Cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

§Pediatrician Details:

Insert Office Name– xxx-xxx-xxxx

Vacation/Personal Days/Holidays:

Paid Holidays:

Nanny shall receive the following paid holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If any of the above holidays occur on a weekend, Nanny will be given the official Federal holiday that is observed.

Vacation Days:

Nanny shall accrue Insert Number vacation days per month for a total of Insert Number weeks paid vacation (Insert total of weekdays). Vacation days will reset after Insert number year and cannot be carried over into the following year. Vacation days can be used before time is accrued after the first insert number days of employment.

Nanny agrees to use best efforts to take insert number days of this vacation time when Family takes their vacation. Nanny agrees to make best efforts to give family 30 days notice of planned vacations.

Personal Days

Personal days shall accrue at a rate of .insert rate days per month for a total of one insert number of weeks or days per year. Nanny agrees to use best efforts to give Family at least insert number of hours notice before being absent due to illness. Personal days can be used before time is accrued.

Health Insurance

Nanny understands Family does not provide medical insurance.


Family will provide Nanny with health insurance at $______per month (up to total amount of premium).


Nanny will drive her own car to and from work, keep the car in good working order, and comply with all requirements for registration, car tax, and inspections.


Family will provide car and add Nanny to insurance.


Family will provide up to Insert Amount per month to help with gas and other related tranportation costs.


Insert own information.

Other Benefits

Insert other benefits that may be provided to the Nanny such as:

College tuition reimbursement, parking, cell phone service, etc.

Authorization to Release Children

No one may take the children from the care of the Nanny without prior approval of a Parent.


Insert Name(s) and phone number(s) may take children from care of Nanny with prior approval of Parent.


Nanny understands that any and all private information obtained about Family during the course of her employment, including but not limited to medical, financial, legal, career and Family’s assets are strictly confidential and may not be disclosed to any third party for any reason.

General Notes/Expectations:

Nanny understands Family has a smoke free home and that smoking by Nanny is prohibited. Nanny agrees never to smoke while providing childcare to Family’s children even on walks, trips to playground, outside activities or field trips.

Nanny is not permitted to have guests over.

Alcohol consumption is never permitted while Nanny is on duty.

Nanny hereby certifies that Nanny does not use illegal drugs and understands that such use is cause for immediate termination.

Nanny hereby confirms to have valid CPR and (Infant) First Aid certification.

Hygiene: Nanny must wash her hands upon arrival each day and wash her hands after using the restroom or changing (Child’s name)’s diapers

Safety: (Child’s name) must not be left alone or out of sight without being secured by a safety strap or placed in a baby-safe environment (crib, playpen, or other). (Child’s name) must never be left in the tub beyond arm’s reach. (Child’s name) should never be allowed on the stairs (once she starts to crawl) or on the deck unaccompanied

Nanny should not open door to unexpected guests who may come to the Family home

Nanny herby agrees to the Family’s used of nanny cams


The following are grounds for immediate termination with cause:

Allowing the children’s safety to be compromised

Inconsistent or non performance of agreed upon job responsibilities

Dishonesty or lying to Family


Misuse of Family automobile

Breach of confidentiality clause

Persistent tardiness of more than 15 minutes without valid reason

Having guests over

Smoking or consumption of alcohol while on duty

Illegal drug use

Changes and Amendments

Contract may be changed or amended in writing with approval of both parties. All amendments should be attached.

Family hereby agrees to be fully bound to the terms of this contract.

Family Signature: ______

Date: ______

Nanny hereby agrees to be fully bound to the terms of this contract.

Nanny Signature: ______

Date: ______

Legal Note: This document is for use only as an example and guide. By using this document, you agree to hold Muslim Nannies and its affiliates harmless and release them from all liability that may arisein relation to using to this “Sample Employment

Agreement” document whether in contract, or otherwise.