Algebra I – Mrs. McDuffie

Room I-103

NorthIredellHigh School – Spring 2012

Contact Info:

Email: one: 704-876-4191 Ext. 1402Website:


Three-ring binder with dividers and a front pocket specific for Algebra class

Loose-leaf paper

Pencils – all assignments MUST be done in pencil!

Graphing calculator – TI-83 or TI-84

Classroom Rules:

Be prepared: Bring everything that you need for class. This includes your textbook, notebook, pencil andhomework.

Be on time: You should be in your seat and working on your warm-up activity when the bell rings.

Be responsible: The person that has the most influence on your education is you. It is your responsibility to ask questions when you do not understand a concept

Be respectful: This includes respect for yourself, your school, your teacher, and your peers at all times. Disrespect for anyone or anything will not be tolerated.

Hall passes:

You are allowed 4 bathroom passes per 9 weeks. You may only go to the restroom after we have finished with notes and are working on individual work. Once you use all your passes, you will not be permitted use the restroom during class.


1st Offense – warning

2nd Offense – student bounced to SRC for the remainder of the period and parent contact

3rd Offense –lunch detention (depending on offense)and parent contact

4th Offense – administrative referral

Severe offense: Student will be immediately sent to the office.

*Please keep in mind – 3 bounces result in a lunch detention. 3 lunch detentions result in a write-up.*


In this class, your grade will come from a variety of sources— Tests (40%), Homework (20%), Quizzes (25%), and Class Assignments (15%). Each will be graded by the following criteria:

  • Tests: A test will be given at the completion of each unit. There will be a review the day before each test. All problems on the test will be similar to the problems on the homework, quizzes, and examples reviewed in class.
  • Homework: You will have homework almost every night. You should get in the habit of setting aside at least 30 minutes each night for math homework. A perfect score will be awarded to any assignment that has all problems attemptedand work shown.Deductions will be made for incomplete homework (i.e. problems not done, work not shown, homework not in class, etc.). Attempted but incorrect problems will be worth full credit if an honest effort is shown. You are expected to check over your own homework and correct any mistakes. At that time, you may ask questions about the homework. Take advantage of this opportunity. If you have questions, ASK!You will get a homework grade for each unit, not each individual assignment.
  • Quizzes: There will be at least one quiz per unit.They will consist of problems similar to the ones in the homework and those covered in class. Most, but not all, quizzes will be announced at least one day in advance. If you do your homework each night and ask questions in class, the quizzes will be a breeze for you.

Quizzes are not meant to be difficult, but used to determine what you know and how well you know it. Because quiz grades are only 25% of your total grade and we have a lot of them, a couple of low quiz grades will not hurt you too badly. A couple of low test scores will. Also, the quiz questions will be similar to the unit test questions.

  • Class Assignments: Class assignments will be given almost daily in order for students to see how much of the concept they understand. These assignments will be collected and graded. Even if you do not finish an assignment, you need to turn in what you have. If you do not turn in an assignment, you will not receive any credit! Since assignments will be given immediately after notes, class assignments will be graded on a modified curve. All class assignments must have the assignment name and date to receive credit.

Your final grade will be calculated using the following guidelines:

1st 9 weeks: 37.5%

2nd 9 weeks: 37.5%

EOC: 25%

There is an end-of-course (EOC) test for this class. In order to receive credit for Algebra I, you must be proficient on this test. This is approximately 80%.

Late Work Policy:I will accept homework only 1 day late for half credit. After that, the grade becomes a zero. Keep in mind it is your responsibility to turn in the late work. I will not remind you!

Absence Policy:For best results in this class, you are expected to be in class everyday ready to learn. Algebra is a fast paced subject that requires your attendance in school as well as work outside of school. If you do happen to miss a day, it is your responsibility to get your missed work. You should get all missed notes from a classmate and assignments from the assignment board. All previous assignments are due the day the student returns. All assignments missed are due within 5 days of your return to school. This includes any missed tests or quizzes.

Websites: I maintain a website through the school’s server. I will put quiz and test dates on the calendar. To access it, go to North’s homepage ( Click on Our Staff and then click on my name. Feel free to register and then leave a comment in the blog section. Keep in mind I reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comments!

I am also maintaining an edmodo site which will have homework assignments on it. To access that website, go to and register. You will be asked for a registration code. It is 6ihlog.

Progress Reports: Progress Reports will be sent home approximately every 2-3 weeks. I expect to receive these back signed by your parent/guardian. Failure to do so will result in a parent contact.

Essential Learning Requirements for Algebra I

By the end of Algebra I:

1. I can solve problems by using exponents, operating with polynomials, and factoring.

2. I can use formulas and algebraic expressions to write and solve problems.

3. I can write and solve problems using direct variation.

4. I can use the midpoint and distance formulas to solve problems.

5. I can determine parallel and perpendicular lines and use them to solve problems.

6. I can display and interpret data in matrix form.

7. I can add and subtract matrices, and multiply by a scalar.

8. I can create linear models from data and use them to solve problems.

9. I can write linear functions and inequalities and use them to solve problems.

10. I can graph, factor, and evaluate quadratic functions to solve problems.

11. I can write systems of linear equations or inequalities and use them to solve problems.

12. I can graph and evaluate exponential functions to solve problems.
For Students:

I have read the above policy sheet and understand my responsibilities, the rules, as well as the consequences of this class. I also have read the Essential Learning Requirements for Algebra I.

Student Name: (please print)______

Student E-mail Address: (please print)______

Student Signature:______

For Parents:

I have read the above policy sheet and understand my responsibilities, the rules, as well as the consequences of this class. I have also read the Essential Learning Requirements for Algebra I.

Parent/Guardian Name: (please print)______

Parent/Guardian E-mail Address: (please print)______

Parent/Guardian Signature:______

Home Phone Number:______

Alternate Phone Number (Optional):______

Best times to call:______

Questions or Concerns: