As the cold and flu season begins to take hold of our health, now is the time to think about strategies for minimizing the down time you have this winter due to illness. To ensure you and your family remain healthy this winter, remember these healthy reminders:

* Drink plenty of water-even in the winter our bodies need an ample supply

of water to stay healthy.

* Get plenty of rest- rest is important especially during the holidays when

people have the tendency to stay up later and to get less sleep.

* Keep the air in your home moist- in the winter we run the heat much more

causing the air to become dry which can dry your nose and sinuses.

*Wash your hands frequently- help stop the spread of germs by washing your

hands often or using hand sanitizers.

*Use handkerchiefs or tissues- help to stop spreading germs by not coughing or

sneezing without covering your face.

*Visit your doctor if you do become sick- if you have the signs and symptoms of a

cold or the flu see a doctor as soon as you can to prevent others from becoming ill.

*Take preventative steps- adequate sleep, good nutrition, adequate hydration and

regular exercise all help to keep your immune system strong.

While no one likes to get sick, the more preventative measures we take the less likely we are to contract the flu or to catch a cold. Just as important is to remember that if you do become ill, try to stay home and prevent spreading you germs to others. Remember that flu and colds are passed person to person, so the more precautions we take to protect ourselves and others, the healthier the winter will be for everyone.

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