SD Counts Plan for Making Sense Mini Foundation – Talk to Sue or Natalie if you have questions!

Have tables set up with tools in the middle, including: Unifix cubes or tiles,

Towers recording sheets, graph paper, blank paper.

Time / What / How / Materials
10 minutes / Review Outcomes, Norms & Agenda
Outcomes: 1. Participants will develop an understanding of the 5 Dimensions and Core Features of classrooms that promote understanding.
2. Participants will experience the dimensions and features in their mathematics learning in this session.
3. Participants will reflect on how to implement the dimensions and features in their teaching. / As you go through the math sessions, relax and appreciate the opportunity to develop new understanding of mathematics. Take your time! Let others think!
Norms…and why! (Support the 5 Dimensions)
Norms: Please follow the processes…
--Honor each others’ thinking
--Be willing to share your thoughts
--Limit side conversations
--Turn off cell phones
--Take care of your own needs
--Anything else? / Slides 1-3
Projector and computer for Powerpoint
On chart paper or on handout:
  • Outcomes
  • Agenda
  • Norms

15 minutes / Introduction to class (individual introductions with a representative object) / May have to do this at tables if the groups are too large / Slide 4
15 minutes / Pretend that you are going to write a book and the list on the screen is the beginning of your Table of Contents. What will you have to say about each of these topics? / Allow time for participants to record their ideas on the handout or in their journals if they prefer. / Slide 5
Handout: Dimensions of Mathematics Instruction that Promote Understanding
10 minutes / Introduce book. Show copy of the book and distribute copies of the first chapter. / Reflective read aloud (by instructor--p. 1-2) with pauses and brief paired discussion / Slide 6
Making Sense chapter 1 copies, highlighters
5 minutes / Introduce 5 Dimensions of teaching and learning for UNDERSTANDING / Instructor explains these 5 are research-based, and a whole system, not isolated parts.
Refer them to page 12of handout for Core Features / Dimensions handouts (see above)– Keep these to track your notes as we go.
20 minutes / Learning with Understanding – What does this mean? (p. 3-6)
The 4 sections for the strategy are:
* Learning with Understanding
* Definitions of Understanding
* Understanding Through Reflecting & Communicating
*Trade-off Between
Understanding and Skill? / Modified “Say Something” strategy with a partner. Designate a partner A & B. Both partners read a section silently, then A says something, B responds, then B says something (different) about the section and A responds. These are brief, not lengthy. After the next section, B goes first. / Slide 7, 8
Chapters and highlighters
35 minutes / What are the five dimensions and core features of classrooms? / Go through the slides that describe the core features briefly. Have participants read pages 7-12 of their handouts, taking notes as needed. Share at their tables when asked to do so.
Build in a break, too, and discuss at their tables when they return. / Slides 9-14
Chapter One handout, highlighters
45 minutes / Notice how 5 Dimensions might feel as a learner—to give a basis for experience to build understanding of the 5 dimensions…especially how they support reflection and communication / Towers problems (combinations of towers with 2 colors)-individually, then with a partner…then large group discussion.
Discuss mathematical ideas first, and then guide the discussion to tie experience to Five Dimensions (esp. task and tools). / Slide 15
Unifix cubes or tiles, markers, graph paper, blank paper
Have participants watch video and reflect on students’ participation within the process. / Show Towers video and have teachers record observations on Feedback sheet. / Slide 16
Handout: Math Observation Feedback
10 minutes / Reflection opportunity-how am I thinking about these dimensions now? How might they look in my classroom? / Write in journals / Reflective journals
30 minutes
(only if you need an extra activity) / Build understanding of Social Culture dimension, especially that mistakes are sites for learning
Another big idea here is to notice the tenacity of the 4th graders as they grappled with this problem without ANY interruption by the teacher. What would happen if we let students struggle just a little longer? / Work on Apple Tarts problem: “Mom makes small apple tarts, using three-quarters of an apple for each small tart. She has 20 apples. How many small apple tarts can she make?”
Solve it two different ways and show work…individually and then with a partner using Part One of handout.
Read (and work through) pages of student conversation using Part Two of handout.
What do you notice about the Five Dimensions? / Slide 17
Paper, pencils,
Apple Tarts handout – Part 1
Copies of student conversation,
Handout Part Two
5 minutes / Wrap up—
Go through the authors of the book and share a bit about their expertise. / Slides 18, 19
5 minutes / Review the principles upon which Making Sense is based. / Slide 20 and 21