Cattlemen S Beef Board Video News June 2012

Cattlemen S Beef Board Video News June 2012

Cattlemen’s Beef Board Video News June 2012

“Gate to Plate Tour Highlights the Many Benefits of the New Mexico Cattle Industry”

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One challenge for the beef industry is helping consumers understand how steaks, roasts and hamburgers get from the ranch, to the dining room table. Brian Baxter has more on an informative event that gives people a chance to see first-hand all the valuable steps along the beef production chain.


An enthusiastic bus load of individuals recently went on the trip of a lifetime.They took part in the Gate to Plate tour - a two day journey across New Mexicothat highlightedall aspects of the beef industry. (:14)

Linda Davis - T.E. Mitchell & Son, Inc., Albert, NM:

2:03:47 “The gate to plate tour was established by the New Mexico Beef Council as a way of trying to educate the more urban people about the production of beef.” (:16)

Karen Mitchell – Tequesquite Ranch, Mosquero, NM:

3:14:16 “A picture a lot of times is worth a thousand words and when you actually are able to be there and see it, see it working, it really is a good educational tool.” (:12)


Reporters, retailers, civic leaders and others took part in the tour, funded by beef checkoff dollars. They all got an up close look at the hard work that goes into producing a safe beef product. (:10)

Lorenzo Garcia – New Mexico Judge:

3:04:06 “I think there’s a tendency in America to believe that agri-business is nameless, faceless cooperate conglomerates, and it’s people, it’s families, hard working families and it’s a good reminder that this country is fed and clothed with the hard work of families.” (:20)

Michael Vincent – Director of Supply Chain Sustainability, Safeway, Inc:

4:53:00 "You realize these are people, this is their living. It’s the land that they work and they care a great deal about the land and the success of their business and the livestock. (:10)


The new mexico Gate to Plate Tour is one of many similar events being held in several states to help tell the beef story. (:10)

Karen Mitchell – Tequesquite Ranch, Mosquero, NM

3:14:44 "One of the primary missions of the checkoff is to promote beef and to promote the industry and I think it’s a really good opportunity for people that maybe know nothing about the industry to really see what we do and why we do it. (:14)


BY explaining the production practices that lead to a high quality beef product, THE AIM IS TObuild consumer confidence and protectfuture beef demand. I’M BRIAN BAXTER REPORTING. (:10)