Arabian Horse, by Madison Wright

Arabian Horse, by Madison Wright

7th Grade

Animal Research



Arabian horse, by Madison Wright

Q. hi I’m here with Jupiter the Arabian horse. I’m going to ask you a few questions. So first off where did you come from?

A. that’s a good question well I came from a place called Arabian, peninsula or in the state of Utah…. That’s where I came from along time ago but now I come from all over the place…

Q. well what do Arabian horses eat most of the time in the world of anywhere like every where too?

A. that’s another good question umm… we mostly eat a lot of stuff too I mean a lot I don’t think I can name them all. Well we eat hey, carrots, apples , oats ,Ice cubes ,sugar cubes too.

Q. well like how tall can you guys grow when you’re a baby or either when you are really old too I mean can you tell us please?

A. well we can grow up to 4 feet when we are baby’s or when we are born and when we are are older we can get up to 6 or 7 feet tall.

Q. well do you no how fast you guys can run or how slow you can go too. Please tell us we want to no….

A. that is a good question too we can at least run really fast I don’t know how fast we can go but we can go pretty fast and I don’t know how slow we can go either but we can walk really slow too.

Q. well do you guys fight with some different horses too.

A. yes we do because we either fight over stupid stuff I mean like really one time we got in a fight with a friend because I wanted so hey but she didn’t so yeah now you get it.

Q. well what do you do when you are roaming around?

A. that is a good question, well we love to run and play with other horses and love to eat too in a lot of place’s too.

Q. well how do you guys sleep or take a nap or something like how do you guys sleep do you guys stand up or lay down?

A. well we stand up when we are sleeping and when I take a nap I lay down so get sun sometimes.

Q. well are you guys are free or are you guys always are being ride all the time?

A. well if you are free then you are mostly not to be ride and then if you live in a farm then you could be riden some times.

Q. well do you have anymore questions about you or anymore for me?

A. well this is it about the Arabian horse and this is larry the Shetland pony………. Bye!

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A whales Life, by Megan Perry

Hi I am Henry the Goldfish here interviewing Karson the Killer Whale on the Hubble Bubble news channel 316.

Q: Karson you have gotten bigger since I last saw you and you still don’t have any hair! Say just out of curiosity is there anyone bigger than you? If there are I hope they don’t eat meat.

A: In fact yes I am really pretty small compared to some of the other deep divers. Although lucky for me most of them are all baleen whales and I don’t run into them often since they dive so deep down.

Q: By the way what is baleen? They sound pretty scary to me. But why aren’t you afraid of them?

A: Well baleen is fiber like threads instead of any teeth. I have teeth so I can chew on big things such as seals and sometimes small dolphins. Lets just say that not all of them after a game of tag though.

Q: by the way is it true that your skin feels like a hot dog? Wow I forgot lunch say would you mind stepping into some ketchup and mustard for me?

A: Actually it is true and no you can not eat me. Oh and for the record I could gulp you down with just one bite. Just kidding, but I could if I wanted to.

Q: HehHeh, say I think I saw some of your cousins passing me by the other day, but they didn’t seem as big as you do. Is this because they are younger than you or was I just dreaming?

A: So you say they were smaller huh. Well let’s just say that you ran into a bunch of fakers. You see there is also a type of dolphin that looks just like me but only smaller.

Q: That would explain why. Oh I almost forgot I heard some other fishes in the sea calling you by some other name is that just their way of making fun of you?

A: Actually no. You see scientists also gave me another name, probably so that I wouldn’t sound so mean at first. The name that they also call me by is orca.

Q: You know how on trees and turtle shells you can tell how old they are based on the rings? Do you have any cool way of telling how old you are? Oh ya and would you mind if I called you the Awesome Orca for now?

A: Actually yes I do have a special way of telling how old I am. If you look at my teeth and count the different layers it will tell you. And sure I guess you could call me that.

Q: Mind telling us which ocean you live in? I mean if that is okay with you. I would imagine it would be pretty big out there.

A: Well I live in all oceans but mostly the colder waters. I also don’t dive down as deep just to find food. Like when I hunt for those ball bouncing seals.

Q: Those seals can get annoying. Say could you tell us some more things about you that most people don’t know?

A: Actually yes I could. Like I said before we are one of the few whales that have teeth. Let’s just say that I don’t smile very often because I might scare some fishes away.

Q: I don’t know if I know how you get through the water. Although on the sea carpet I bet people make way for you.

A: You are right that they do make way for me, let us just say that I have my ways. The way that I get through is by pushing my tail up and down and not side to side to get through the water.

Q: How do you talk? I mean do you have sounds for different things? I don’t know if I have ever known this before.

A: Well you see we make underwater sounds called dialect. Some of the time for some whales it sounds like moaning. But don’t think it is easy to stay in a hotel because with all the whales talking to each other it is really hard to get any sleep.

Q: Oh I would hate that. Although wouldn’t you be in different rooms so you wouldn’t hear anyone else?

A: The truth is that the water carries sound and dialect it loud enough that you have to cover your head to sleep. This is hard because we only have short fins.

Q: Say is it hard to find a babysitter here and there? I mean the ocean is how big and you not always in the easiest places to find somebody.

A: It’s really not that hard to watch your little ones because we don’t travel alone. We travel in something called pods.

Q: Say would you mind if I tagged along? We are always trying to find time to get away. Just kidding.

A: Good thing to because not everybody is as nice as me when it comes to food, also I don’t think you could keep up with such little fins.

Q: You’re probably right. It’s not like you get hunted that much or even at all.

A: Well we used to. For food and other reasons people would get on boats with spear guns, while we never returned home.

Q: How sad I wander why they stopped? Could you maybe tell us why?

A: They stopped because it became a law. We got hunted so much we became endangered.

Q: Well thank you for joining us! If you tune in next week we will be talking with Gabe the caterpillar. This has been Henry the goldfish with the Awesome Orca signing out.


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LIONS, By Jaydon Stubbs

Q: I am here today on 88.7 LIONS. I am interviewing Lenny. He is a lion. The biggest in the whole cat family. So Lenny, how is your life where you are living?

A: Uhh, well, I live in North and South America. I travel a lot I get hunted every day. People try to shoot me and it gets really annoying. I want to start hunting them.

Q: So is that what you want to start doing for your life now? I mean if I were a lion I would be pretty mad too. You Know?

A: Yeah I got you. Actually I think that is what I am going to do. That is a really good idea.

Q: If I were a lion I would do that too. I don’t like when people hunt lions. Well, With you being the largest cat is it hard to catch them?

A: No because I have really strong legs. They hold all my weight. It makes me run really fast

Q: That is really cool. So like how do you hunt? Like bite or what?

A: Well, yes I do. I punch the air to tell them to stay away. Also I chase them, then bite their neck.

Q: Wow that is really cool. So ugh, how do you know what lions are in your pride, or family?

A: Well, we are broke into groups. In different regions, South and North America. We growl to let them know this is our territory.

Q: Well, that is very interesting. Um, can I ask you where you find your food and animals?

A: Yes, I mostly find them near the water, because it is hot and the animals like to cool off you know?

Q: That is a good idea. I would do that too if I were an animal. Well, what do you eat?

A:I eat a lot of hooved animals. Like zebra, buffalo, wildebeests, deer, prong horn. They are delicious.

Q: Very nice, as a human myself I love to eat deer. Name some features and how your body works?

A: We have a lot of cool features. Lean bodies, long tails, pointy teeth, long nails.

Q: That is very nice features. So, are you guys extinct?

A:Yes and no. a long time ago people killed us so we died in some places so we are extinct in them.

Q: That’s not good! Do you guys have scientific names?

A: Yes, they call us felines. I am not sure why…

Q: That is cool. We need to find out why. What is your favorite part of your body?

A: Well, I like my claws. I use them to claw my prey.

Q: I would like those too. Are their any other types in your family. Like any other animals?

A: Yeah, we have jaguars and some others. Cheetahs and regular cats.

Q: What do jaguars do?

A: They bite and claw like me, they bark like a dog

Q: What is a cheetah?

A: They are the fastest land animal. They are a cat also. They are in my family.

Q: That is crazy! Do you like being a lion?

A: I love it!!!

Q: Well, there you have it. We will see you next time on 88.7 LIONS!!!

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Baboons, by Alexa Henrie

Hello and welcome to Popular Pop Stars Playing with Poppy the Polar Bear’s radio station! I’m poppy here with Bobby the baboon so stay tuned!

Q: Welcome Bobby! You look nice! I bet you are so rich and have a really nice home! Where exactly do you live?

A: well thank you! I try to look my best everywhere I go. And to be honest, I’m not that rich. I just live in Africa in grassland. My close friend is a different type of baboon called a Hamadryad. He is the only type of baboon that lives in the Arabian Peninsula. Most baboons live in Africa where there are rocky plains, woodlands, and grasslands though.

Q: Well I need to visit you sometime. I do get hungry a lot so I will need food when I come over! What kind of food do you have?

A: Well I might have to go shopping. My favorite food is fruit! If you don’t like that, I also eat leaves, insects, and roots.

Q: It’s ok I like fruit. I’m not fond of insects, leaves, and roots. I’m kind of sloppy though. How do you eat?

A: I probably eat way worse than you! I have cheek pouches that I stuff to hold food. That’s why I don’t go out to dinner for dates!

Q: Yeah that’s a big turn off! Don’t worry about it though because well look at yourself! You are exotic looking! How would you describe yourself?

A: You just made my day! Anyways, I would start off with how big I am! Since I’m a male, I weigh up to 90 lbs.! I also have 32 teeth that are 5 cm. long. The last thing I would say about my looks is that I have a face that looks like a dog.

Q: Wow your teeth are huge! That would bug me so bad when I am eating! Anyways do all baboons look the same?

A: well all of them have the same teeth and weight as us but one type of baboon has a different color of hair than me. They are called the Chaeoropithecus and have yellow hair!

Q: I see! I can only imagine how interesting that looks. You mentioned something about different types of baboons. How many are there? My goal in life is to meet every type of baboon and interview them!

A: You will have fun with that! Every baboon is so interesting! It might take a while though because there are several different types of baboons.

Q: I can’t wait to interview them all! I am a professional so I want to sound like it so what should I call them?

A: I understand because I would want that too. Scientists call us cercopitecidae. They also refer to us as Old World Monkeys, primates, and papio.

Q: That’s good to know! I’ve heard of Old World Monkeys and New World Monkeys before! What are the classifications of Old World Monkeys? Is it just being old because you don’t look that old?

A: Thank you but I’ve had some work done, just kidding! Anyways, what classifies me as an Old World Monkeys is that I have a large brain and eyes. I also can grab things with my hands and feet.

Q: I understand! You guys are the smart ones! I bet you are good at defending yourselves! How exactly do you do that?

A: Yes, I am the smart one. Because of that, I defend myself by barking to communicate with others when I need help. I also do this when I’m competing for a female.

Q: So that’s how you get the ladies! I’ll need to use that sometime! Do you ever use your teeth? After all, they are really long.

A: You remember! I’m glad you’re paying attention! You are correct! I do use my teeth to bite my predator.

Q: I’m a smart one too! One more question for defending yourself. How do you move?

A: It’s ok there is a lot to know about me. I move by walking on four legs. To go faster I curl my hands up.

Q: That makes sense! It would be scary to defend yourself when you’re all alone. Do you travel by yourself?

A: That would be horrible and frightening! Of course I don’t travel alone! I travel in a large group led by old males.

Q: Ok good! I bet you feel a lot safer with them! How many are there?

A: I do and I’m glad there are a lot of us! There are around 8-100 in each troop but it all depends.

Q: The more you protect each other, the longer life you’ll have! How long do baboons usually live for?

A: I know I’m lucky to have them! My life span is kind of sad. I only live for 20-30 years.

Q: Oh man I need to hurry and get my interviews done before it’s too late! My last question for you is how successful are you?

A: Yeah you need to hurry and do that! Many people think I’m successful in defending myself because I’m so large. I can even defend myself against bigger and faster predators!

There you have it folks! Bobby the baboon taught us many interesting things about baboons! Join us next week on Popular Pop Stars Playing with Poppy the Polar Bear’s radio station!

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Interview with Pam the Parrot, by Kaylie Jacobsen

Q: Its Sandy here, reporting from KSL news. We are going to be interviewing Pam the Parrot. She is just flying in from Florida. Looks like she is landing right now, Ok and she’s here, How was your flight?

A: It was great. Its cold here in Utah.

Q: Is it hard coming from a nice, sunny, warm climate to a cloudy, snowy place like this?

A: Yeah its pretty hard when you’ve lived there your whole life.

Q:Is it easy to fly here with those cute little wings you have?

A: No it’s hard. I flew here for hours just to get here. It was difficult but I made it.

Q: What is one of your favorite foods there in Florida?

A: One of my favorite foods is the fruit. The oranges are the best because there Florida’s da.