2. Do You Have an AIA Or Other License? Are You Preparing for a Licensing Exam?

2. Do You Have an AIA Or Other License? Are You Preparing for a Licensing Exam?


1. Do you have a BA or BS in Architecture? Was your school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)?

2. Do you have an AIA or other license? Are you preparing for a licensing exam?

3. Are you experienced in institutional, residential, commercial, entertainment or museum architecture? Do you have field experience?

4. Are you experienced with facility renovation or improvement projects?

5. Can you read blueprints and working drawings? Do you have drafting and technical writing skills?

6. Do you have knowledge of federal, state, and local safety regulations and building codes?

7. Do you have knowledge of construction materials and tools? Construction estimating and scheduling techniques?

8. Do you have hands-on design experience with building types such as steel, concrete, masonry, wood and light gauge?

9. Are you experienced using AutoCAD, CADD (Datacad), Mini CAD (Vector Works) or 3D Rendering?

10. What other computer software programs or applications are you proficient in? Do you have model-making experience?

11. Have you worked with external consultants such as engineers, subcontractors, testing laboratories and/or regulatory officials?

12. Do you have supervisory experience? For how many? What were their positions and responsibilties? Have you administered human resource functions such as recruiting, interviewing, hiring, referral for termination and/or performance evaluations?

13. Are you experienced in directing technical staff toward production of construction documents, scheduling of project tasks, coordination of consultants, budget analysis, shop drawing review and/or in-house construction administration?

14. Have you represented clients in obtaining bids and awarding construction contracts?

15. Have you been responsible for operating budgets? Capital budgets? Have you saved money? If so, how?

16. Have you sourced new products, raw materials, contractors and/or suppliers? Any measurable accomplishments?

17. Describe, in detail, some of the major projects you've worked on and what you consider to be your most significant contribution to each project.

18. Have you delivered any projects ahead of schedule and/or under budget? By how much? How did you accomplish this?

19. Have you ever trained other architects or technical professionals? In what capacity?

20. What about your organizational skills? Do you have any examples of how your skills supported a particular project and the positive impact they made?

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