Women of Distinction Awards 2017

Women of Distinction Awards 2017

Women of Distinction Awards 2017

Nomination Package Outline

Please note: This document is meant to serve as a reference for those wishing to complete a nomination for Women of Distinction Awards 2017, and to assist Nominators in preparing responses before making the online submission. All nominations must be made directly online at this link:

  1. General Information

The prestigious ‘Women of Distinction Awards’ are presented annually by YWCA’s across Canada to celebrate the achievements of women and provide a platform to share their stories in a way that empowers, inspires and motivates others to learn, achieve and participate. Within their respective domains, these women have inspired and empowered others by breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles, and meeting challenges to make a difference in the lives of others. YWCA St. John’s 3rd Annual Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony will take place on March 8, 2017 at The Bella Vista (Torbay Road, St. John’s).

  1. Award Categories
  1. Young Woman of Distinction: This woman, aged 18-30, is already making significant contributions to her community. She demonstrates leadership, maturity, innovation and inspires others to follow her example.
  2. Mentorship & Education: This woman guides, teaches and supports others to grow and to attain the skills and success required to make a difference in the world. She inspires, encourages and leads by example.
  3. Arts & Culture: This woman enriches lives through her contributions to the arts and cultural activities of our community. She plays a key role in ensuring our continued rich and vibrant artistic and cultural heritage.
  4. Wellness & Active Living: This woman directs significant energies to the well-being of people in her life and/or community. She provides leadership in fields relating to physical, spiritual and/or mental well-being.
  5. Community & Social Development: This woman is helping to build a strong community by making positive change and advocating for enhanced quality of life for all, including those who face disadvantages/challenges.
  6. Public Affairs: This woman has shown leadership in the field of public service, either as an elected official or a public servant. She has shown commitment to public service excellence and to improving the life of citizens.
  7. Business: This woman has achieved successes in the corporate or entrepreneurial arenas. She is an innovator and has contributed to a thriving business/industry and the economic vitality of our community.
  8. Lifetime Achievement: This woman, aged 60 or more, has made significant contributions to her community in various ways over the course of her life. She has shown exemplary commitment, courage and leadership and her wisdom and example is an inspiration to others.
  1. Who Can Nominate?
  1. Nominations can be made by friends, family members, colleagues; anyone whose life has been positively impacted by the nominee.
  2. Nominations may also be submitted by an organization (with specific contact identified).
  3. An individual nominator may only nominate one person per category.
  4. Please note that current members of YWCA St. John’s board of directors, committees, and volunteer and staff teams are not permitted to make nominations.
  1. Who Can Be Nominated?
  1. Nominees must be at least 18 years of age at the time of nomination.
  2. Nominees must be residents of the St. John’s Metro Region (as defined by the Census Metropolitan Area by Statistics Canada, which includes: Conception Bay South, Mount Pearl, Paradise, Torbay, Portugal Cove-St. Philips, Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, Pouch Cove, Flat Rock, Bay Bulls, Witless Bay, Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove, Bauline).
  3. Individuals may be nominated posthumously.
  4. Individuals previously nominated but not presented with a Women of Distinction award are eligible for nomination in subsequent years.
  5. An individual may be nominated for a maximum of two categories (i.e. in cases where two different nominators chose the same nominee in a given year).
  6. YWCA St. John's embraces diversity as a core value. Through this nomination process (and in all of our programs) we aim to promote inclusion and embrace the rich diversity that makes up the fabric of our community; nominations are encouraged to reflect our rich community diversity.
  7. Ages noted in Category 1 and 8 refer to age at time of nomination.
  1. Ineligibility
  1. Current members of YWCA St. John’s board of directors, committees, and YWCA’s volunteer and staff teams are not eligible for nomination.
  2. Former recipients of a Women of Distinction Award cannot be re-nominated, however previous nominees can be re-nominated. The full list of former recipients can be found here:
  1. Nomination Process
  1. Complete all sections of the online nomination form.
  2. Submit a recent, high resolution digital photo of nominee photo by email to .
  3. Submit the Nominee Consent Form signed by your nominee by email to . Please clearly highlight the nominees name in the subject field. Alternatively, this document can be faxed to 709-726-4144 however, e-mail is preferred. This document can be found on our website:
  4. The deadline to submit is October 31, 2016. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  5. If you have any questions or problems sending your application, contact us at , or (709) 726-YWCA (9922).
  1. Important Notes
  1. Nominations that are late or incomplete will not be accepted.
  2. The woman you are nominating must agree to the conditions outlined by signing our WOD Nominee Consent Form, which can be accessed here:
  3. You must select one category for nomination, however, please note that the Selection Committee has the discretion to consider nominees for other categories, where appropriate, based on the scope of applications received.
  1. Tips for creating a successful nomination:
  1. We recommend that nominators initially answer questions in a Word Document (or something equivalent to that) so that progress can be saved overtime. Answers can then be copied into this Form to be submitted.
  2. Show how your nominee has gone above and beyond the basic requirements of her work/professional roles and responsibilities and really endeavored to make a difference in the lives of women and girls in the community.
  3. Remember that you are making the full case for your nominee: the Selection Committee will base their assessment and selection on the content and quality of the responses which you present in the nomination process.
  4. Keep in mind that the entirety of the selection will depend on written content, and nominators should not rely on the nominee being well-known in the community.
  1. Nominee Information:
  1. Nominee Name:
  2. Mailing Address:
  3. City/Community:
  4. Postal Code:
  5. Telephone Number(s):
  6. E-mail Address:
  7. Which category are you nominating them for?

Young Woman of Distinction

Mentorship & Education

Arts & Culture

Wellness & Active Living

Community & Social Development

Public Affairs


Lifetime Achievement

  1. Nominator Information:
  1. Name of Nominator (or primary contact, if this an organization is making the nomination:
  2. Supporting Organization (if applicable; not required):
  3. Mailing Address:
  4. City/Community:
  5. Postal Code:
  6. Telephone Number(s):
  7. E-mail Address:
  8. Relationship to Nominee:
  9. Consent of Nominator:

I hereby agree to receive email correspondence from YWCA St. John’s about this nominations process and about other YWCA programs and events and understand that I can easily unsubscribe from any mailings at any time.

SECTION A: Nominee Summary

Summarize the key contributions and qualities that you feel make your Nominee a Woman of Distinction. (Value: 10/100 points; 1000 character max)


Describe how has your Nominee meets the description of the specific award category for which you are nominating her. Outline major achievements, contributions, ways she has been an innovator or pioneer, and any significant projects or collaborations. (Value: 30/100 points; 2000 character max)


Outline the personal/professional qualities and characteristics of your Nominee that make her a ‘Woman of Distinction’. Ensure that you highlight how this person goes above and beyond the expectations of her position(s) or role(s). (Value: 20/100 points; 2000 character max).


How have the contributions/accomplishments of your Nominee benefited or inspired others? (Value: 20/100 points; 2000 character max)


In what ways has your Nominee championed the advancement or inclusion of women/girls? Highlight this by demonstrating specific ways in which they are upholding the Vision, Mission and Values of YWCA St. John's, as found on our website at (Value: 20/100 points; 2000 character max).

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