10-03-2012 WEDNESDAY




E-33 Notice. And then the first thing you know, the things got worse. And Elijah set up in the mountains, up there alone. God told him, said, "Go down there." Showed him a vision, said, "I just got enough of this." Said, "Go down there and tell Ahab that I will not--will not let rain or even dew come, until you call for it." Now, a man of God will always follow the true Word of God.

Jezebel had threatened him and everything else. Well, you say, "Now, Brother Branham, wait a minute before you leave Jezebel. That little woman may not have had a chance. She was borned a pagan. She didn't have a chance." Oh, yes she did too. She had a pastor, Pastor Elisha. And Elisha wasn't afraid to tell her about it. Don't think... God always puts the light there. She just refused to walk in the light; that was all. Right. Oh, she didn't want to call Elijah her pastor, certainly not. She had other formal, dignified men for her pastor. But God sent Elijah to be her pastor, no matter how much she hated him. She hated him because the Jewish religion was too straight for her.


E-34 And that's what's the matter today. The people want to act like the world, and talk like the world, and dress like the world, and make the church and the world all the same. The Christians, Holy Ghost religion is too straight for them.

E-35 They wondered. Elijah went down, stomped up into the palace and right up past all the guards and things, and he told Ahab, with his finger in his face, said, "There'll not even be dew come from the heavens till I call for it." Oh, my. Why? God has spoke to him. He was with the Word of God, so he wasn't a scared.

Don't never be afraid. Micaiah wasn't afraid with the Word of God. No man's afraid when you got the Word of God and the vision of God moving with the Word. The reason Micaiah could condemn against them prophets and tell them they were wrong, and they had the devil's spirit in them, because there was fashions and everything that they were doing, and 'cause they were not lined up with the Word. And God give the true vision to the true prophet. And he... trying to line them up...

And now, and today the true vision is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The true prophet is the baptism, it--it's the Holy Spirit Himself. He is the one that comes and lines us with the Word. And notice. Not some bishop or archbishop, but the Holy Spirit leads the Church. Amen.


18 And those, no matter what they are, they are Eternally dead, they were dead from the beginning. The Bible said, "The woman that lives in pleasure is dead while she is alive." Right. See, she's always been dead. She's dead in sin and trespasses.

19 And now if you were in the quickening, at His beginning, that's what He come to redeem. And your name was put on the Lamb's Book of Life, in His thinking, at the beginning. And He come to redeem all names that's in that Book; no more, not one more; just what was in There. When the last name is redeemed, He takes His Book and claims what He has redeemed.

20 Now, and what a--a strange thing it would be if we couldn't believe all that's written in the Scripture, for the whole thing is God's Word. It's all inspired, every bit of It, and we believe every bit of It.


13 Abraham, not disobedient to God, taken the little boy. And on this morning, told the servants, "You wait here with the mules. And the son and I will go yonder to worship, and he and I will return." Oh, how is he going to do it? When he goes up to the top of the mountain, to take his own son's life, yet he says, "The child, the lad and I will return." He knowed that something had to happen. And he didn't know just how God was going to do it; that isn't his question. He knows that God promised it.

14 That's all we care to know, God promised it! How is it going to be? I can't tell you. But God said so! He will send Jesus Christ, the second time, He will come in a physical form. He will claim His Own. There will be one thousand years, millennium reign upon this earth, with Him, with the redeemed. That's what He promised, and we are looking for that hour to approach.

15 He promised to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to cast out devils. He promised to do it. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. How? I don't know. He promised to do it! We believe it; that settles it. When a man believes God, he believes all He says.

16 And that's the way Abraham believed God. Now was asked to destroy every evidence that His promise would be taken care of, but he was persuaded that God could do it.


309 Lord Jesus, O God, search every heart. Search every one, Great Holy Spirit. O God, let it not be in vain to this, even one person. May every one, every one, Lord, be saved. Don't let a one of them stray out, Lord. I claim them, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, for the--for the jewels of the crown of my Lord, oh, Whose Presence is here now, the great Pillar of Fire moving around through the building, sweeping over hearts. I pray, God, that that heart will break off them shackles, and raise up and come sweetly to Jesus Christ, say, "Lord, all I am, here I am. Take me and mold me, Lord, in Thy great molding house; and fill me, and make me a son or daughter of God." Grant it, Lord. May this be so.


292 . I pray for them, Lord, every one, that You will... God, somehow, I don't... I--I wouldn't know how... I don't know how, just how to ask, Lord; and I may of not even asking that in the right manner. But You forgive my ignorance, Lord, and just look at my heart. I pray that not one of them will be lost, not one of them, Father. I claim them, every one, for You. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


115 I remember one night, a minister brought twenty-eight of his congregation, and was sitting. This was at Jonesboro, Arkansas.

116 And they had an epileptic boy, he was having epilepsy. And that's a devil. It's a devil. That's what it is. They don't, doctors don't know what does it. It's a--it's a devil. And they put a... had a clothespin with a--a--a rag wrapped around it; when he had these fits, they would throw it in the boy's mouth, 'cause he would chew his tongue so. And they brought the boy up, and--and he was having this fit right on the platform. Course, when they get the least bit excited, they'll go into one. So while we were fixing to pray for the boy, I said, "Will everyone bow their heads in reverence?" And I--I prayed for him, and the--the spirit would not leave the boy.

117 And I looked around, and I seen a little group sitting in a place. I said, "Would you bow your head?" I said, "You must obey." I said, "That was the commission, 'If you get the people to believe you, and then be sincere when you pray.'" I said, "Would you bow your head?" That fellow just laughed at me.

118 And so I turned around, but, this, it would not leave the boy. And now this was hundreds of people, five times of what is sitting here tonight, sitting there, yes, many times. They claimed there was twenty-eight thousand people there.

119 And then I said, "I--I wouldn't do that, sir." And he belonged to a--a denomination church that just simply laughed at Divine healing, doesn't believe there is such a thing.

120 So I looked around. That poor boy, his throat out. And his mother trying to holler, her crying like that. And the boy trying to swallow, and going on.

121 I said, "Heavenly Father, don't let this innocent boy have to suffer for that guilty group, see." I said, "That was Your--Your Word, and I--I been honest and told them. And so many of the epileptics has been healed here at the meeting." I said, "Don't let this innocent boy have to suffer. The mother and father brought him here. I pray for mercy."

122 Then I turned, I said, "In the Name of the Lord Jesus, by faith, by my commission given to me by Almighty God, this devil cannot hold this boy. You're at liberty, see. If the disobedient will be disobedient, then you're at liberty to go to them, but come out of that boy."

123 And I saw twenty-eight people, with their pastor, fall into epilepsy, right around and around, and around and around, in the floor like that. And as far as I know, they still got it, see.

124 Now, you see, you mustn't be irreverent. You must humble yourselves. How many of you has been in meetings and seen similar things happen in my meetings? Just, why, see. Sure. Yes, sir.


E-56 One day I was speaking against women wearing shorts, and a woman said to me, "I don't wear them."

I said, "What's that you got on?"

She said... What is them things? Pedal pushers, or ever what it was, like that. I said... No, dungarees...

I said, "It's... That's worse than ever. The Bible said it's an abomination for a woman to put on a garment that pertains to a man." That's right.

Up in Klamath Falls, recently, a lady wrote me a big long letter. She said, "What about a woman then out riding horses in a mosquito infested area, out there riding, rounding up the cattle? What do you think about her wearing a dress out there? Or when she's in the garden, when she has to stoop over and pull up things from the garden?"

E-57 I said, "My mother and my wife both wear dresses, and they had no trouble. They wear them long enough when they stoop down, that's all of it." Then I said, "Another thing, on--out there on a horse, riding a horse, a woman ain't got no business out there.

274 He only recognizes the--the Token. That's the Message of the hour! That's the Message of this day! That's the Message of this time! In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive It!

That's what the ruin of our nation today, is women trying to take men's jobs. She's trying to be a man; and a man's wanting to be a woman. God made them different." Right. Got no business being like that. She's out of her category. And a man's out of his category. Oh, my. Stop clock.

Notice. God made them different. And he made a covenant with Adam. He made a covenant with Eve. But you see, He made them one. They are no longer twain, but one.


955-157 Now, could a righteous Judge judge a man twice for anything if the penalty's been paid? If I was in the pawn shop, and you come by and said, "I'm going to redeem him"; and you went in and paid the price for my redemption (and that's my penalty of being in the pawn shop), and you pay my redemption, then how can the pawnbroker claim me again? Unless I sold out again. There you are. When I rejected the Fullness of the Word, then I go right back in the pawn shop again. See, see? Then fight my way out then, if I can. But He redeemed me. All right. I hope that that... I'm--just got so many here I want to get these and... [End of first side of tape. Second side begins with part of question missing--Ed.]ry becomes smoky, where the--the Attorney stands to plead the case. Christ leaves the sanctuary; His day of mediatorial is over. The rapture comes; He leaves from the sanctuary, goes forth and takes the Book of Redemption, and claims everything He redeemed. There's no more mediatorial work. How many understands that? I got it on one of the Seals--or one of the... Yeah, the Seals, I believe it was, that Christ comes forth to claim His mediatorial work.


151 If Jesus don't come for ten thousand years, you have the Token, He has still got to honor It. No matter how many things changes, and whatever more, He has got to honor that Token. He said He would. All right. He expects us now to display His Token, over our God-given faith, to every unbelieving cult in the nation and in the world, that believes that signs and wonders don't follow the believers. And be true to this Token, and It shows that the fare has been paid and we've been accepted for the resurrection, having the Token Life inside of us.

152 That's a cutting Message, but it's the Truth. That's what we need, is Truth. God help us to know Truth. "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." I claim that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I believe that God gives the Holy Ghost as a Token, right now, just before the exodus, of the--of the Bride going out of the church.

153 I believe there is so much tommyrot, and people saying they shouted, they spoke in tongues. I believe in those things; but you can't rely on that. How can you rely on that, and then deny the Word? See?

154 The Token is the Word identified in you, living Itself out. That's God being His Own interpreter. You don't have to say, "Well, now, you interpret my tongue." That ain't it. He interprets your life by the Word. When He takes your word, what you are, and identify His Word through there, there don't need any interpretation, it's already there. God does His Own interpretation, and we've had these promises for the day.


314 And so John saw the holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending like a comet, or a--a dove, coming down out of Heaven and settling upon a redeemed, entire earth, (to do what?) to claim every attribute that He made the earth for. Every man that was represented in the Eternity, and every woman, is redeemed then. She has been scoured and burned by Fire.


124 That's the way God made His covenant too. Our experience is not to match some creed, some dogma, some church denomination, but it's to match God's Word, Jesus Christ. Right. When we come to Christ, then Christ claims us.


271 We're so quickened up into His Presence there, prophesy, foresee, foretell, and everything hitting perfectly with the Word. If it's prophesying contrary to That, don't believe it. But if it's with the Word, It's already said, THUS SAITH THE LORD.

272 "Fear not. I am He that was dead, and alive forevermore." That is God's Easter seal that seals every letter of this Word into your heart. What is the seal? "You are written epistles, read of all men." You know that. But when God has claimed you, He sealed you with the Easter seal, that you are risen with Christ, and you are a new creature.


60 I can see Eternity break, come down into time, since Eden. And, when It did, there come a line of Blood, all the way up unto Calvary; and from Calvary, tied with this line, and goes on to the tie post, Jesus. And someday when He comes to claim His own, everyone that's tied to that ultimate will be raised up into Eternity. Why? They have been in Eternity all the time. They were predestinated in Eternity. They are part of God. They were in His thinking at the beginning. And when that big rope is pulled, of the line of Blood, that Token I was speaking of, when it comes up from the earth, everyone that was included in that Blood will be dropped right up into Eternity again. But the only way it'll be, will be tied to that absolute, Jesus Christ. It's absolute! Not an achievement of man; but God raised Him up from the dead, and He is an absolute. And we know He's alive, because here He is with us in the Power of His resurrection, doing the same thing He did when He was here on earth.

61 I'm tied to that Ultimate. That's the end of all strife. I'm tied to it. That's my life. I was a sinner when Christ saved me. I met Something. And since That came into me, it's been--it's been different. And I'm tied to it, everything that I am is tied right there. And then God separating His life, and let me live in Him, and Him in me, then we're tied. I...