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Search For: (Default)

Rev 8/06

Gale’s Health & Wellness Resource Center covers a wide variety of medical subjects and includes access to a medical dictionary, medical encyclopedia, drug information, and an assortment of health assessment tools. Provides information for consumers as well as practitioners.

Search For: (Default)

  1. Enter your search term or phrase in the search box.
  2. For full text articles only, check the appropriate box.
  3. Check the “Consumer health” box for articles aimed at the general public; check “Refereed publications” to obtain more scholarly articles.

  4. Click Search.


  • Reference articles (if appropriate) will display as default.
  • Click the “Magazines & Journals” tab to retrieve articles on your search terms.
  • Other types of results will be accessible via the tabs, if available.

  • Click the linked title to retrieve the article text.

Advanced Search:

  1. Select the Advanced Search tab or link.
  2. You may enter up to three separate search terms. For each, use the drop-down list to choose the type of search, i.e., author, title, subject, publication, etc.
  3. Use the “and” or “not” drop-down boxes to limit the search; use “or” to expand the search.
  4. If desired, choose to limit your results to specific types:
  • Full text articles
  • Consumer health – for patients and the general public
  • Refereed publications – more scholarly, professional information
  • Alternative health – information concerning holistic or alternative treatments
  • En espanol – Spanish language documents
  1. Enter dates to limit results to a specific time period. NOTE: entering dates will limit your results to periodical articles only. (no reference materials)

Information Formats:

  • CITATION – author, title, source information only
  • ABSTRACT – a citation and summary of article
  • TEXT – full text of article (html)
  • TEXT WITH GRAPHICS – full text plus illustrations or tables (pdf)

Other features:

  1. E-mail articles to yourself or others – click the email icon at left of article display.
  2. While exploring your results, save interesting items for future review by checking the “Mark” box. To view saved items, choose “View Mark List” from sidebar.
  3. Use the headings and tabs on the home page to access these resources:
  • Diseases and Conditions – browse the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine for diseases and medical conditions;
  • Find Drugs & Herbal Remedies – retrieve information from the PDR Family Guides to prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as herbal remedies;
  • Topics in the News – browse the latest news or search the newspaper database, or link to CenterWatch for the latest information on clinical trials;
  • Search Directory or Directory tab – search the Medical & Health Information Directory for health care resources in your area;
  • Health Highlights – read timely, topical articles of general interest;
  • Alternative Medicine tab – browse the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Health;
  • Dictionary tab – search for terms in Mosby’s Medical, Nursing, & Allied Health Dictionary;
  • Trusted Sites – access other reputable and reliable web resources related to health and wellness topics;
  • Health Assessment tab – link to,, or for ways to assess or enhance your health.


Print, email, and download buttons are available in the left toolbar in the article view.

For assistance please contact a Reference Librarian 214/333-5221 or 1/800/483-7048

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