October 18, 2016 FSCA Board Meeting SUMMARY MINUTES

October 18, 2016 FSCA Board Meeting SUMMARY MINUTES

October 18, 2016 FSCA Board Meeting |SUMMARY MINUTES

Meeting date | time 9/13/2016 7:00 PM | Meeting location uberconference

Meeting called by

/ Van Drake /

Type of meeting

/ General BOD Mtg /


/ Van Drake /

Note taker

/ Rollins Brown /


/ n/a
/ Attendees:
Opened at 7:03
Louise K Terry
Gregg Nelson
Van Drake
Barry Kelly
Gary Wise
Don White
Pat Welch
Absent: Jim Odle
Parsons Metzkow
David Sumrall
Rollins Brown
Absent: Don Currie (emailed)
Gary Wise
  1. Agenda topic : Nationals | Presenter : Van Drake


Van: we are the second largest attending state with 80 shooters

  1. Agenda topic :Accountant to Review Books, etc.| Presenter : Van Drake


Discussion: Van: we want an accountant to do a compilation for FSCA. What are we classified as? Florida Non-Profit. Tax return? We don’t know yet. We do NOT have 501(c)(3) status.

Pat Welch will ask James Long if we would contact Van to possibly compile our finances, etc.

  1. Agenda topic : Images for FSCA Website | Presenter : Van Drake


We need hi res photos for our website. Please email to Van.

  1. Agenda topic : Target Fees | Presenter : Van Drake


Several clubs have already advertised and received fees for shoots in the first part of the year. Lets delay until March 1 2017.

Gregg: 1/3 of our revenue comes from the first 2 months.

Programs may need to be curtailed by 1/3 because of the reduced renevue. Everyone agreed that’s just the way it would have to be.

Unanimously passed.

  1. Agenda topic : New Shooter Development Programs | Presenter : Van Drake


Rollins, Don Currie and Van came up with a proposed outline. Other ideas such as cooperative advertising were rejected.

Scholarship program to club for coaches.

Louise: we do have to define what we are going to require from the scholarship recipient.

Van to get with Don Currie and Rollins to draft out criteria and details.

We will cap program at $5,000 for first year for SIP program (scholastic).

General Women’s and kids outreach. Roger Gascoigne’s program was mentioned.

The program and announcement will be a work in progress.

  1. Agenda topic : State Shoot Tokens | Presenter : Van Drake


Do we want to use tokens to reduce cost of the main event or entry as a whole?

Scott likes to keep his tokens.

Pat will be soliciting grants from local government for his shoot again. Previously received $5,000.

Don White will work with Van on getting sponsorships. DW has spoken to Gamaliel and other entities. Without committing to numbers, he believes that he will raise quite a bit more than we have had in previous years. Rick Hemingway is already giving one Promatic trap. We can give gift certificates to other clubs throughout FL.

The idea was brought up about enhancing the Give Away Bags as well.

  1. Agenda topic : Shooter Satisfaction Survey | Presenter : Van Drake


Discussion : Parsons: do we want to add prizes to enhance response rate?

Gregg: we have had about 10% of the membership respond

Main reoccurring comment is they would shoot more if it was cheaper.

Conclusion: no action taken

  1. Agenda topic : Liability Insurance | Presenter : Gregg Nelson


Discussion : our insurance may be too expensive. Van says he has both of our TWO policies. Sending to RB.

Conclusion: Van, Rollins and Gregg will investigate lower costing equivalent policies.

  1. Agenda topic : Cheating Incident | Presenter : Rollins Brown


Discussion: RB spoke with NSCA (EC) who indicated we CAN suspend a FL shooter and it will apply in FL.

Conclusion: RB will draft letter to Esposito and fwd to BOD.