Minor Speech Evaluation Form

Minor Speech Evaluation Form

Major Speech Evaluation Form (rev 8/09) Name:______

Evaluation Checklist

This is an evaluation form that can also serve as a checklist. Speakers should review this form carefully to see what is required of the “major” speeches in this class.

Students receive a point from 1 to 4 on each item which is then multiplied by the number in the grey column to obtain a score. A description of what differentiates each score is on the back.

After the checklist, notes are provided about two or three areas that were particularly strong and areas that need attention before the next speech

Did the speaker… / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Total
Focus the topic, narrow for time constraints / x1
Construct an effective introduction (attention getter, reveal topic, credibility, importance, main point preview) / x3
Organize the speech well including the use of transitions? / x3
Use supporting material well (including variety, recency, verbal citations) / x3
Construct an effective conclusion (signal the end and conclude well) / x3
Use visual aids well (design and explanation) / x2
Use effective vocal variety (including rate, volume and inflection) / x2
Use effective non-verbal communication (including eye contact, gestures, physical movement, appearance) / x2
Use language well (pronunciation, articulation, verbal flow) and maintain fluency (um, ah, etc.) / x1
Use a well designed speaking outline / x1
Strength Areas: / Areas for Improvement:

Rubric For Major Speeches

4 / The item on the checklist was extremely well done. It would be almost impossible to say anything negative about the item. The way the speaker handles this element serves basically as a model for how “it should be done.” Of course there is always room for improvement, but in this instance there isn’t much room.
3 / This item on the checklist is well done. There is room for improvement, but the issues that are present with this item certainly don’t detract or distract from any element of the speech. Further practice and refinement of the skill is needed, but no major overhaul to the skill is necessary.
2 / The item on the checklist was present but could use some effort on the speaker’s part to improve it. There is something to fix and it may require that the speaker take a different approach to it or work in practice sessions to fix it. The item though does serve a purpose and an audience member would say the speaker is making an attempt to communicate their message.
1 / There is significant work that needs to be done on the area. There is a problem and it is persistence throughout most of the speech. Most likely there is an activity that distracts from the speech and makes it hard for the audience to get the message.