Generating Evidence on Brazil S Rural Credit Program

Generating Evidence on Brazil S Rural Credit Program

Generating Evidence on Brazil’s Rural Credit Program

Seed Grant Opportunity

2017 Application Form and Instructions

Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) is pleased to announce its 2017 call for proposal, which is part of CPI’s partnership with the Land Use Initiative (Iniciativa para o Uso da Terra – INPUT), funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. The call for proposals is a newseed grant programthat aims to generate policy-relevant material based on empirical analysis of rural credit in Brazil.The program will bring researchers from different organizations together with policymakers to discuss, debate and define the most pressing issues for improving rural credit in Brazil.

This is the first round of funding for this project, and grants are intended to initiatenew research agendas around the role of rural credit in Brazil toinform policy improvements.Successful projects will provide a six-month plan to do the following:

  • Formulate a new research question regarding rural credit.
  • Revise the related literature, emphasizing the research project contribution.
  • Describe the institutional details and related policies associated with the project.
  • Run a complete descriptive analysis on the relevance of the proposed topic.
  • Lay down the empirical strategy, discussing identification issues.
  • If possible, provide initial results.

Background: Read about INPUT´s Rural Credit research program here

Grant Timeline

  • October 31, 2017:Applications must be submitted to CPI.
  • November 3, 2017: Recipients will be notified. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of CPI/PUC-Rio faculty and research staff.
  • November 22, 2017:Selected candidates for the seed grants will be required to attend a kick-off workshop to present their proposal to the peer network.
  • May 23, 2018:Final workshop to present results.

Project Details

  • Grants of up to R$15,000 will be awarded in November2017.CPIexpects to award betweenfive to seven six-month seed grantsin the 2017 funding cycle.
  • Awarded funds may be used to support salary/tuition of faculty, fellows, post-docs, graduate students and other research staff or to support other investments involved in developing a new research agenda (e.g., equipment, data, field travel, etc.).
  • Successful candidates will be required to attend the kick-off meeting in November 2017 and a final workshop in May 2018.
  • Travel costs associated with participation in the kick-off and final workshops will be covered directly by CPI.
  • Recipients will become part of a peer network of credit scholars and policymakers.
  • Award recipients will be asked to submit a written manuscript at the completion of the project, and will be asked to present their findings during the spring workshop in May 2018.
  • CPI will work with award recipients to draft policy briefs and recommendations and/or to disseminate findings.

Selection Criteria:

  • Policy relevance
  • Research approach/methodology
  • Feasibility of the Project
  • Innovative nature of the research question
  • Relevance of references


  • Funds should supplement new projects rather than sustain current ones.
  • Proposals will be accepted fromfaculty, researchers, post-docs and graduate students.

Application Process

Toapply, applicants must submit all of the following items via email to ,by October 31, 2017:

  • Application cover page with research proposal (form attached)
  • CV of the applicant in PDF

About Climate Policy Initiative:

CPI is an international group of analysts and advisors who work to improve the most important energy and land use policy in the world with offices in the United States, Europe, India, Indonesia, and Brazil. Our Brazil office is affiliated with the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) and has close collaborations with prominent research universities around the world. We are also devoted to training students to become the next generation of policymakers and analysts.

Application Cover Page

Applicant Information

Full name: Telephone:

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Current address: Email:

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Project Information

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Total amount requested (Maximum of R$ 15,000): R$Clique ou toque aqui para inserir o texto.

Briefly describe your research interests, including past and current papers/projects, and explain how you expect this funding to help in your career development (maximum 1/2 page).

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Develop a proposal, including the following sections: Background and specific aim(s), policy relevance, approach and references (maximum 2 pages).

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