Exploring the Elements of Size, Shape, and Location

Exploring the Elements of Size, Shape, and Location

Geometry Syllabus 2014-2015


Exploring the elements of size, shape, and location

Mr. Nicholas Wanyo

SusquehannaTownshipMiddle School

Room 213

Textbook: Geometry: Prentice Hall Mathematics

Online textbook:



3)PASSWORD: 2015Geo

Sequence of Topics:

1)Tools of Geometry

2)Reasoning and Proof

3)Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

4)Congruent Triangles

5)Relationships within Triangles




9)Right Triangle Trigonometry

10)Surface Area and Volume



Whoa … That’s quite a rich span of mathematical topics! As you’ll see, this course is jam-packed with a variety of elements to equip active learners, such as yourself, with the skills to think about one’s own mathematical thinking. Mastering these elements will take resilience, time and patience. We will prevail! It is my hope that you will also learn to appreciate the mathematics as well as learn to apply your mathematical knowledge to other disciplines. It’s really about making connections! So, I encourage you to ask questions, be fearless, ask more questions, and get to know more about how you think. Oh yeah … and have some good fun along the way too. I look forward to the opportunity to be your teacher and guide, and to learn more about you.

Materials Needed for the Course:

  • Notebook and 3-ring binder
  • Scientific Calculator with power functionality … i.e., squaring (x2) and square rooting (√x) and Sine, Cosine and Tangent functions

Grading Procedures/Policy:

Test / 0 – 100 points each / 2 – 5 per quarter
Quizzes / 0 – 30 points each / 5 – 10 per quarter
Assignments / 0 – 10 points each / ???
Warm-Ups / 0 – 5 points each / ???
Projects / 50 – 100 points each / 1 – 2 per quarter
Extra Credit / ??? / ???

Grades will be assigned according to the distinct standards, as described below:

A / 90 – 100%
B / 80 – 89.49%
C / 70 – 79,49%
PASS / 60 – 69.49%

Your quarterly percentage grade will be reported to the district grading system each marking period.



  1. Class Notes (Exactly what I write on the board)
  2. Homework Assignments

2)Participate in class, volunteer for board work, and take notes during all discussions and lectures.

3)Complete all homework assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, exams, and the final exam.

4)Bring to class your notebook, textbook, scientific calculator, and pencil.

5)Conduct yourself in a professional manner and follow the policies and guidelines of the SusquehannaTownshipSchool District (especially the code of conduct)

Make-up Policy:

It is your responsibility to make-up all required notes, homework, quizzes, assignments, projects and tests when you return to school after an absence. Notes should be copied 1 day after your return. Homework should be made up within 2 days of your return. Tests and quizzes should be made up within 5 days of your return. You will not be permitted to make up any work assigned during an unexcused absence.

Special Notes:

Students who receive and “I” for any marking period will not be permitted to advance to the next course and will not be permitted to attend summer school. Students who do not complete all work necessary to remove and “I” for any marking period will be required to repeat the course.

Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

  • Be Kind
  • Think of others
  • Strive for excellence
  • Keep appointments
  • Engage within your learning process
  • Be on time to class, no exceptions/excuses
  • No drinks or food, unless told otherwise
  • No talking out loud. Raise your hand.
  • Be respectful to everyone
  • You get one warning per class, after first warning your receive buddy room. If behavior keeps up, you will be written up.

Homework Assignment:

  • Complete work
  • Write in legible print
  • Labeled properly
  • Name
  • Course/Block
  • Date
  • Box or circle your answer/conclusions … make it easy to locate
  • Graded on completion, unless otherwise told.
  • SHOW WORK!!!!


  • Each project will include specific guidelines to follow
  • Projects will have set timeline to follow
  • Projects will be graded on a rubric
  • Projects should reflect some of student’s best work

Set Goals

  • Establish goals to reach your desired outcome for this course
  • Plan ahead to make provisions
  • Reevaluate to determine if your plan is working
  • Ask for guidance/help when needed
  • Seek to understand, rather than to be understood