Experiential Education Enhancement Award Application

Experiential Education Enhancement Award Application

Experiential Education Enhancement Award Application


The new Experiential Education Enhancement (EEE) Awards program provides funds to be used to enhance experiential learning sites which train pharmacy students from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. Funds from this program are available to all non-faculty preceptors and experiential sites which precept more than 30 UF pharmacy students per year on introductory and/or advanced pharmacy practice experiences. These funds will be used to support innovative training programs, pilot projects, preceptor development, and technology or equipment that enriches experiential learning.

Polices and Guidelines:

Policies and guidelines for the EEE Awards program are developed and governed by the following administrative personnel and college committees:

Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

Office of Experiential Programs

  • Director of Experiential Programs
  • Assistant Dean for Clinical Education

Curriculum Committee

EEE Awards will haveone funding cycle during each academic yearthat aligns with the student rotation cycle. The anticipated timeline for each cycle in any given academic year includesthe following:

  • January - February - the call for proposals will be distributed to preceptors
  • February - proposal submission
  • March - review and notification of awardees and release of funds

Other award information:

  • Awards are for 1 year…extensions that do not require any additional funding (i.e., no-cost extensions) will be considered following petition to the Office of Experiential Programs.
  • The number of proposals funded for the EEE Awards will be determined by both the award cap and the total amount of EEE Award dollars allocated for a given cycle.
  • During any given cycle, a preceptor/site can only receive funding from one proposal.
  • The review of each proposal will be based on a rubric. The review will be conducted by a team consisting of the Director of Experiential programs, the Assistant Dean for Clinical Education and representatives of the Curriculum Committee.
  • Final reports not to exceed two pages will be required for each EEE Award. These reports should be submitted within one month following closure of the respective award to the Office of Experiential Programs.

For 2015 awards – application due to by February28, 2015.

NOTE: Please make sure to complete all seven sections below. Given the volume of applications being submitted, incomplete or incorrect (missing CV, budget errors,etc.) applications will not be reviewed. Please proof your final copy before submission.

If you have questions, please contact Denise Klinker () prior to submitting your application –Please submit completed application as a single PDF document.

1. Applicant information

Name (last, first): ______

Preceptor Faculty Title: ______

Date of Appointment as UF Preceptor (month/year): ______

Email address: ______

Experiential site: ______

Site address: ______


Date of any previous EEE Awards:______(EEE awarded only every 3 years)

Budget information:

  • EEE Award Funds Requested from the College of Pharmacy: ______
  • Site/Department Funds to be Provided (if any): ______
  • Other Funds to be Applied, if applicable: ______
  • GRAND TOTAL FOR EEE Award: ______

EEE Activity Date: Start (mo/yr) ______End (mo/yr) ______

Is this a reapplication? If yes, please indicate all cycles when you previouslyapplied:______

Signature of applicant______Date______

By signing below, I am indicating that I have reviewed this application and that the applicant has my full support for completion of this project should funds be awarded.

Signature of Director______Date______

2.ABSTRACT: Provide one paragraph describing your proposed EEE project in a way that can beunderstood by faculty at the College of Pharmacy, alumni, and colleagues and administrators at your practice site.

3.GOALS FOR EEE AWARD:(List 3 to 5 succinct goals)

4.Detailed Plan/Activities/Schedules associated with the Experiential Education Enhancement Award:(plan should not exceed one calendar year)

5.KEY PERSONNEL: Please provide a list of individuals to be involved and details of their participation. In a separate attachment, please provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae for each of the key personnel.

6.SPECIFIC OUTCOMES OF THE AWARD: (Remember that you will be asked to submit a report of youraccomplishments at the conclusion of the EEE Award. Please prepare this section with that report inmind.)

A.List specific benefits of this EEE Award to UF pharmacy students participating in introductory or advanced pharmacy practice experiences at your practice site and/or any benefits to the UF College of Pharmacy overall.

B.List specific benefits of this EEE Award to your practice site, pharmacy department, and/or institution.

CHECK ONE: I agree ( ) or I do not agree ( ) that my proposal (WITHOUT budgetinformation), if successful, can be shared with others applying for EEE Awards.


Please provide a detailed budget and justification of expenses.

  1. Budgets should generally be $2,000 - $5,000 and should not exceed $10,000 for the entire project period.
  2. The budget may include resources related to training, preceptor development fees or tuition, supplies, equipment, technology, or other expenses with the exception of preceptor or staff salaries.
  3. The budget should include any funds that will be contributed by the preceptor’s department or practice site.
  4. The budget should be for a one-year period. No-cost extensions will be considered with justification.


Please check the following items before you submit the application. Failure to complete these items willresult in your application being returned without consideration for an award. Thank you for understanding.

__ 1. Are all items under applicant information completed on page 1, including the budget information?

__ 2. Does the Budget Information on page 1 match the budget provided in section 7?

__ 3. Do the numbers in the budgetadd up correctly?

__ 4. Did you include a current Curriculum Vitae for all of the key personnel?

__ 5. Are each of the seven sections completed?

__ 6. Does the application contain the signature of the applicant and the director?

__ 7. Email PDF version of completed packet to .

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Experiential Programs at 352-273-6227 if you have any questions.

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