Dr. Elizabeth E. Quesada, Ceso V

Dr. Elizabeth E. Quesada, Ceso V

October 26, 2015


Division of City Schools of Quezon City

Nueva Ecijia Street, Bago Bantay

Quezon City

Dear Dr. Quesada,

This is to formally express the in intent of the undersigned to compete in a selection process of candidates for a ______(Part-Time / Full-Time) teaching position in Senior High School (SHS) specifically, for the ______Strand of the ______Trackbeginning school year 2016-2017, in any school in District ____ of Quezon City, mainly due to proximity with the applicant’s present residence.

The applicant is a LET-passer since ______(date of PRC registration) and who has ______x years of teaching experience with the ______(state the school and school location) teaching ______(state the subjects taught) to learners in ______(state grade/year level of students.)

This application comes with the intent to share the ______(specific knowledge, skills, attitude, EXPERTISE, relevant experiences of the applicant. This expresses the purpose in wanting to join the Public School System of the country as an SHS teacher.)

Attached are the comprehensive Curriculum Vitae of the undersigned teacher-applicant with the following ‘required’ documents, for your evaluation and ready reference, to wit:

  1. CSC Form 212 with recent 2x2 ID picture- (Tab A)
  2. Certificate of training- (Tab B)
  3. Certified copy of Voter’s ID- (Tab C)
  4. NBI Clearance (local)- (Tab D)
  5. Omnibus Certificate of Authenticity- (Tab E)

In addition, the applicant subscribes to ______


(State education and/or teaching/learning philosophy or research-based beliefs.)

It may also be noteworthy that the undersigned teacher-applicant upholds values such as: ______

(state values and/or human characteristics that the applicant has. Take this opportunity to express such in this letter since the same is/are usually has no space in typical professional CVs.)

In terms of local/international exposure to schools, the applicant has had the opportunity in visitingand observes schools in ______

(State name of school and location, if any.)

To the school where the teacher-applicant may later be deployed to, the undersigned proposes to offer ______



(Express here on what and how you wish to contribute in the actual implementation of the SHS curriculum in order to attain the vision, mission, and learning objectives of the Department of Education.)

The eagerness to participate in the next rounds of the selection process for SHS teachers is likewise herein expressed.

Very truly yours,

(Name of Teacher-Applicant)


Email address:______

Contact Numbers:______

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