French Revolution Scoring Sheet

Project Assignment: 1/2 test grade

(This should not take hours unless you have not been listening in class!)

Did the King and/or Queen conspire against the liberty of the people or the security of the state?

Quality of Research on social issues of your assigned class/gender (15%):

I am looking for brief descriptions of family size, work, living situations, homes and towns, education levels, roles of husbands, wives and children, and/or positions in society. In other words, I want some information that will be tested on the AP exam.

Don’t forget: Research needs to be documented. (Works Cited)

Examples/Supporting Statements/Logical Arguments (45%):

Did you take your research and make strong, logical arguments either for or against the monarchy? Did you back up those arguments? Did you find any evidence REALLY useful for your side during the trial? Draw arrows in the margins of your paper pointing to the sections most useful to your lawyers. (Works Cited as needed)

Primary Source (minimum one source) (5%) Highlight the information in your paper that comes from a primary source and actually USE it to help your side, not just mention it. (Do not forget to document sources.)

Bonus 5%: a primary source that isespecially useful to your side in winning the trial. Attach an extra copy of source so your side’s lawyer can use actual document during trial.

Use of timeline: (15%)

Did you make use of any of the tips I gave you in the timeline?

Quality of Writing (10%):

You may use any format you would like as long as you proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Many people write in first person for this assignment although you still need to document your research.

Length (3-4 pages)/Two Copies/email address, phone number or location of your first period class so lawyers can contact you before the trial if they choose to use you as a witness (5%)

Not having the correct number of copies or contact information creates difficulties for everyone and will result in a loss of 5%.

Directions for all outside papers (5%):

1. Typed, 12 font, double spaced

2. Short quotes/not entire blocks of quoted material

3. Italicize or underline book titles:

4. Italicize or underline foreign words:

5. Credit for all outside books and internet sources (parenthetical documentation with Works Cited page.) Please ask if you have any questions!