Time of Departure______Time of Arrival______

Road Rally

You have one hour (your time should be indicated) to complete as many tasks as you can before you have to turn in all in at the final destination spot: East Side Pizza. Every minute you’re late, there is a five point deduction. In pursuit of these tasks, please be respectful to businesses and its customers. Also, please obey the laws on the road. If there is any breaking of the law, your team is automatically disqualified. Winner gets two free pizzas of their choice and drinks!! Other than that…. Woohoo!

Team Name______

Members on the team: ______


General Questions (each question is 5 points):

  1. Which restaurant is located on 10217 W Charleston Suite D? ______
  2. How many trees are on the Palo Verde median loop by the front entrance?______
  3. What color are the parking lot lines near Cheesecake Factory?______
  4. What is the name of the recycling company whose dumpster is on the staff parking lot at PV? ______
  5. How many tables are in directly outside of Coffee Bean at Pavilion Center? ______
  6. What is the name of the church directly across from PV? ______
  7. On the median to make a left going north on Rampart onto Alta, what is the phone number of business advertised on the sign? ______
  8. What are the dates for our upcoming summer camp trip to Woodleaf? ______
  9. On the Charleston Auto Plaza Road sign by KFC/ Taco Bell, what is the third business sign from the bottom? ______
  10. How many drive thru help lanes are there at the Wells Fargo on Pavilion Center? _____
  11. Which charity has a clothing center at the far end of the Vons parking lot in Boca Park? ______
  12. According to Mapquest, what is the mileage between Las Vegas, NV to Challenge, CA? ______
  13. What is the name of the small park where lacrosse is played west of Faith Lutheran? ______
  14. Whose name is attached to the Eye Care services next to Rio Tan Tanning? ______
  15. Word for word, what does the parking sign say posted directly outside of the Faith Lutheran baseball field? ______
  16. How many gas pumps are there at the Costco gas station? ______
  17. On the far north end of the Faith Lutheran Parking lot, how many speed bumps are there? ______
  18. What charity has a donation clothing center in the Best Buy/ Border’s parking lot? ______
  19. What beverage is featured on the soda machine by the gym doors @ Faith?


  1. Word for word, what does is say on the sign between Atlanta Bread and Petsmart? ______
  2. How many outdoor Basketball courts are there at PV? ______
  3. What kind of product is being discounted at 30% according to a sign at Border’s? ______
  4. What are the initials on the building above Home Furnishings next to Kona Grill? ____
  5. Word for word, what does it say on the sign 3rd from the left (3 out of 5) on the outside baseball fence closest to the tennis courts? ______
  6. What does it say on the top of the building attached to Home Depot on the far south end? ______
  7. How many pictures are posted on the side wall at the old “Linens and Things” Building? ______
  8. How many swimming lanes are there in the pool by PV? ______
  9. What does does Office Depot close on Sundays? ______
  10. How many handicap signs are there in front of REI? ______
  11. How many square feet is being offered at the old “The Great Indoors” building according to the sign outside? ______
  12. How many total stairs are there from the swimming pool to the tennis courts at PV? ___
  13. What is the clearance to the lower parking lot garage near REI? ______
  14. What store was between Petland and Tilly’s @ Boca Park? ______
  15. How many “to go” parking spots are in front of Gordon Biersch?______
  16. How many motorcycle spots are there at PV? ______
  17. How many light bulbs are on the light fixture by Hottie in Boca Park? ______
  18. What is the 6th word above the PV sign in the front entrance above the double doors? _____

Take Pictures of (each are 15 points):

Team pose with Shardonnay Summerhays at Color Me Mine

Dance pose with Johnny Zemel at Applebee’s in Boca Park

Charlie’s Angels type pose with any gate guard attendant

Two of your teammates with a fast food drive thru attendant

Ninja like poses with the Queensridge Statue Horse- entire team

Egyptian poses with the PF Chang’s horse- entire team

Fishy poses in front of Vasari in Boca Park- entire team

Cheer poses with the Cheesecake Factory valet parking attendant- three people

Jungle like pose with the lion statue at the Queensbridge high luxury apartments- two people

“Save Me” type pose with any lifeguard by a pool- one person

Provocative pose with Clayton Rhodes (2113 Hillsgate Ave. 89134- two people)

Doggy like picture with Bodie and/or Chubby- two dogs(8641 Highacre Dr.) (4 people)

A sick like pose with any physician- 2 people

Try to get a (points vary):

Yours or your friend’s non-refundable $100 Camp Deposit (100Pts)

A business card from a butcher-25

Any raw item wrapped in paper from-25

A donated Frisbee golf disc-50

Unwritten speeding ticket from any police officer-25