Act 2 - Scene 12

Le Paradis Rose nightclub. Ivery entersroom where Mary is being held and locks door

MARY: Ivery. The wretched spider at the centre of this vile…

IVERY: Please, we’ve done that bit.

MARY: Oh, sorry.

IVERY: I must apologise for the rather unorthodox method in bringing you here my dear but you will forgive my eagerness to be with you.

MARY: And you will forgive my eagerness to see you dead…again! Where is Richard?

IVERY: Ah poor Richard.

MARY: What have you done to him you beast?!

IVERY: Come now Mary, the time for make-believe is past and Mr Hannay is no longer your concern. The day has now come when I ask you to entrust yourself to me.

MARY: Entrust myself to a lying, scheming, murdering…murderery…murderer!?

IVERY: The world is about to experience a maelstrom, my dear. When it comes I alone can offer you refuge and promise you the happiness which you deserve.

MARY: Are you completely mad?

IVERY: Mary, I want you to join your fate to mine, as my wife. I offer you wealth, power, and a dazzling career. You will be welcomed at my mother’s house like a princess.

MARY: Then you arecompletely mad, or deluded, or something, if you think I can be swayed by wealth, or power or…what sort of dazzling career?

IVERY: Anything you choose my love.

Hannay arrives outside and looks in, surprised to see Mary. She sees him and reacts. Ivery notices.

MARY:(keeping Ivery’s attention) Er…anything? A movie star?

IVERY: Certainly! A movie star! The most brilliant star the world has ever known!

Hannay is making animated gestures to Mary. Ivery looks. Hannay pretends to be cleaning the windows

MARY:(distracting Ivery again) Really?! I’d give anything to be a Garbo or a De Havilland?

IVERY: They will not hold a candle to you!

MARY: Gosh! To see myself up there on the silver screen!

Hannay continues to gesture furiously at Mary. Ivery looks round again and goes back to window and looks out as Hannay ducks out of sight

MARY: And could I have one of those nice Rolls Royce Phantoms?

IVERY: Of course?

MARY: And a chauffeur?

IVERY: Anything, my love. Will you come?

MARY:(thinks for a moment) Oh very well then.

IVERY: Joy and jubilation! (holding out his arms) Come to me meine liebchen!

Mary goes to Ivery and they embrace. Hannay uses this moment to come in through the window and hide

IVERY: This calls for a celebration but first I want you to meet Mother. Mother!

Mother enters. Lights flicker again, Ivery looks up at them

IVERY:Mother dear, I want you to meet my fiancée Mary Lamington, Mary this is Mother.

MARY: I’m very pleased to meet you Mrs Ivery. (she shakes hands)

MOTHER:(to Ivery) Oh! Sie ist wunderschön (to Mary) Du bist wunderschön.

IVERY: She says you are very beautiful.

MARY: Thank you.

MOTHER:(gazing) Uber wunderschön!

IVERY: Isn’t she though.

MOTHER:(now staring intently) Sie ist unbeschreiblich schön!

IVERY: Yes, thank you Mother.

MOTHER:(now intense and animated) Mein Gott die schönste Frau, die ich je gesehen habe! (mother starts stroking Mary’s hair maniacally)

IVERY:(shouts) Mother! (She stops. Ivery very calmly) Mother dearest perhaps you would bring us a bottle of the ‘21 Dom Perignon to celebrate.

MOTHER:(perfect English) Very well. Back in a mo! (she exits and returns immediately with a bottle and glasses)

MOTHER:Dom Perignon ein-und-zwanzig!

IVERY: Wonderful! (Lights flicker badly again. They all look. Ivery starts to uncork champagne)

MARY: Please let me, I used to be a cocktail waitress.

IVERY: (to Mother) Isn’t she charming?

Mary pops cork which hits Ivery in the eye. As he is holding his face she then kicks him in the shins and whilst he is hopping around she smashes him over the head with a vase

MARY: You’re a monster! I hate you!

HANNAY:(forgetting himself and exclaiming admiration) Oh good girl!

Ivery quickly recovering gets gun out and points it at Hannay