·  Grantmaking at ED to understand the process:

·  Handbook for the Discretionary Grant Process: http://connected/document_handler.cfm?id=13271

·  Guide for Managing State-Administered Formula Programs:


ED Grants Website:

Checkout the “Grants” section on connectED under “References & Resources” and then under “Grants” – directly at: http://connected/index.cfm?navId=26

You’ll find -- ED grant contacts, grant policy & guidance, application information, grant training, monitoring, news, and other helpful links

And -- to make it QUICK & EASY to access the “Grants” section, you can add the “Grants” shortcut icon to the top of your connectED screen [NOTE: You’ll need to register on connectED to personalize your shortcuts, bookmarks, etc: https://connected/secure/registration.cfm]

ED Grants Listserv:

Want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with grants in ED?

Join the Grant-Connection listserv!

Grant-Connection is an internal listserv available only to ED employees. Join today and you’ll receive grant-related emails containing information such as: news Ø updates Ø tips Ø and training announcements.

To subscribe to the Grant-Connection listserv:

·  Send an email to:

·  Write in email message's body: subscribe Grant-Connection your name

(For example: subscribe Grant-Connection George Bailey)

Grant Training:

·  On-line Grants Management Training for Grantees:


·  G5 Training:

·  Grant Training on ConnectED: http://connected/index.cfm?navid=389

Other Grant Resources:

·  Guide to ED Programs:

·  ED Grant Award Database:

·  Current ED Grant Competitions (a.k.a. Forecast of Funding Opportunities):

·  Discretionary Grant Application Packages:

· – Federal government-wide site for publishing grant applications & public source to FIND and APPLY for federal grants:

·  Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA):

·  Grant “Tools of the Trade” Chart – A quick-reference guide to key documents used in ED grant administration, including EDGAR, ACS Directives, policy bulletins, and OMB Circulars): http://connected/doc_img/circulars_chart.doc

·  Regulations:

o  ED’s Federal Register Documents:

o – Government-wide regulations:

o  Federal Register:

·  Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): (see CFR, Title 34 for Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), Parts 74-86 and 97-99)

·  Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) – list of entities excluded from federal procurement & non-procurement programs:

·  Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Agency Information (including Memoranda and Circulars that direct agency administration of grants):

o  OMB Grants Management Home Page:

o  OMB Circulars Regarding State and Local Governments:

o  OMB Circulars Regarding Educational and Non-Profit Institutions:

o  Draft: OPM Competencies for Grants Management Personnel:

·  Federal Legislation, Library of Congress:

·  Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC):

·  ED What Works Clearinghouse:


For program-specific questions, see the contact person(s) listed for the program in the Guide to ED Programs:

ED grant contact information, including contacts for grant policy, risk management, GAPS/G5, legal guidance, and more, is available on connectED at: http://connected/index.cfm?cid=e49bb0c3-ed43-783d-ae33-d2993f203ad3