High School Computer Science – Week 1.3

Software – Online Communication Techniques

The Internet

Video – The Internet Explained

Online Communication Techniques PowerPoint

Internet Search Activity

Video – Web Search Strategies in Plain English

Internet Search Methods PowerPoint

Internet Search Tools PowerPoint

Internet Navigation Tools

Buttons-Back, Forward, Home, Reload/Refresh, Stop, Print

Three main ways to navigate

Click a text Hyperlink

Click a Hyperlinked Graphic Image

Type the URL of a web page into the Address Field

Access Indicator Icon, Status Bar, Frames

Social Networking

Video – Social Media in Plain English

Instant Messaging, Blogging, FaceBook

Desktop Video Conferencing

Wireless Networks & Security


Internet Search Methods PowerPoint

Internet Search Tools PowerPoint

Online Communications Techniques PowerPoint


Internet Search Activity Quiz

Internet Navigation Quiz

Online Communications Techniques Quiz

Internet Search Activity(Online Quiz)

Internet search engines are special sites on the web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites.

There are two basic types of search engines:

Literal search engines

  • These use Boolean operators to narrow the searches.
  • List below the Boolean operators and what they do:

Natural Language search engines

  • These search engines use keywords in the sentence to search through the index of sites stored on the server.
  • You type in a complete sentence, usually a question, and the service finds results based on the main words in your sentence.

Search Activity

You want to search and find information on the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team located in Raleigh, NC. Using what you have learned, think about what you would enter into the search engines.

Literal search engine (Yahoo, Google…)

What would you enter for your search?

Go to a literal search engine, and type it in. How many results did you get?

Did the website you wanted come up first?

How could you make the search better? Enter your new search. How many results did you get this time?

Internet Navigation(Online Quiz)

  1. Open up your web browser. What is the Home Page?
  1. Go to the following website: How did you get there and where did you type in the information?
  1. Click the back button. Where did it take you?
  1. Click the forward button. Where did it take you?
  1. Click the link for “News” at the top of the page. What does your cursor look like when you click the button?
  1. What are some of the text links on this page? List 2.
  1. What are some of the image links on this page? List 2.
  1. Click on “Sports.” Does this new page have text or image links or both?
  1. Make this page a “Favorite” or a “Bookmark.” How did you accomplish this?
  1. Press CTRL + I on your keyboard. What did that do?
  1. Press CTRL + F on your keyboard. What does this bring up? How can that be useful?

Wireless Networking

  • The term wireless networking refers to technology that enables two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without cables.
  • The current buzzword however generally refers to wireless LANs.
  • Wireless network computers can be connected directly to each other – Peer-to-peer.
  • Wireless network computers can also be connected to wired LAN computers through an access point or wireless router. The access point or router acts as a bridge to connect the two different types.
  • Typically the range of wireless networks is only 150 – 300 feet. Building materials do interfere with the signal.
  • If the wireless network is not secured with encryption and passwords, anyone in the range of the signal may use the network. Many times neighbors will go in together and purchase wireless networking and share Internet connections. This is NOT recommended however. Any data on the computers can also be transferred.

Online Communications Techniques(Online Quiz)

1. The two types of search engines are ______and ______.

2. The Boolean operator ______is used when you want the term to appear on the page.

3. Searches using ______are used if you want an exact phrase to appear on the page.

4. The ______button on the browser takes you to the default page.

5. The keyboard shortcut ______will open a new browser window.

6. The ______button will show you what pages you have previously visited.

7. People use ______to pay their bills over the Internet.

8. ______programs are used to communicate with others instantly on the Internet.

9. A journal kept on the Internet is a ______.

10. Desktop video conferencing is used so you can have ______and ______at the same time over the Internet.

11. Wireless networks have to have an ______or a ______to connect them to the wired network.