2016Annual Men’s Club MeetingMinutes

March10th, 2016

Electing Officers

Mens Club President – Ron Butcher

Handicap Committee –Tim Jurgensen will be the chairman for 2016 with Paul Davis and Griffin Huebsch serving as committee members. Tim and Ron B. will attend handicap workshop in the spring. Three members will serve as the handicap committee. They will help resolve any issues related to handicaps, tournament scoring and fair play during Mens Club play. After each tournament a member of this committee can help record the scores on a Tournament Sheet

Weekly Play

  1. Thursday –Continue $5 buy in for Low Net and KP’s. 18 holes can be played anytime on Thursday and have to be with another Mens Club Member.
  2. The field will be split into two handicap flights (high and low). The pot will be split in half and distributed.
  3. Thursday players can play either the Black/White tees or the Orange/Orange. Use the handicap for the corresponding tees on the printout. Adjustments will be made (Adding 5 strokes to Orange/Orange scores) after net scores are recorded.
  4. Thursday scores will continue to be posted as tournament scores. Please turn in your scorecard and Mens club officers will post.
  5. Non Mens Club members with an active USGA handicap are allowed to participate in Thursday $5 game. Members are encouraged to invite friends to join their group on Thursdays.
  6. Saturday morning mens club play will continue the same as last year. Start time will be 8 or 8:30 depending on the time of year. Buy-in for weekly play will be $5 and the format will be 2 man net blind draw with different formats being added later. We will draw tees to decide groups each week.
  7. Tee times will be reserved for Mens club until Friday morning and people are expected to call and sign-up each week.
  8. Guests will be allowed to play in the game on Saturday morning if they have an active USGA handicap.

Miscellaneous Topics Discussed

  1. Everyone will play the same tees for all Saturday Mens Club Tournaments – Black/White.
  2. Invite new people to play with the Mens Club and make sure the they feel welcome and are not pressured to bet.
  3. Please represent Evergreen and our Mens Club well by being friendly helpful to all other golfers and working with Evergreens staff.

Thank you to all members that attended the meeting!