150th Knowledge Seekers Workshop 15th December 2016

Transcription v2 courtesy of Lynn of Montana, with introduction, time stamps, headings, hyperlinks and some of the pictures from Corn of NZ, and then final polish and edit by Michel of Quebec for publication on where the whole transcription can be downloaded in word or pdf format.

Notes from Cornelius Van Dorp

In Norway, there has been a bit of a fuss with Government getting involved looking at Kf knowledge seeker’s claims of dealing with cancer… (Good on you Vi Queen!) MK applauds the Norway situation, says don’t be afraid to publicize the plasma technology because it is then up for the Government to disprove the effects of the EU certified pain pads and pain pens - he then gives some good advice on how to deal with Governments.

The workshop then focuses again on Jon Bliven with his space ship construction at the Kf Manufacturing factory in Tempe, Arizona. I CVD actually called in at the factory last week and wasshown the space ship – it was certainly an impressive presence, invisible but pulsing with a huge energy field that was easy to feel… Then at the end there was time for more questions and more deepening as summarized in the hyperlinked headings following….


0534 Rick (R): Welcome everyone… This is kind of a milestone

MK gives some advice on interaction with governments

The Health Agreement contract developed by Dirk Laureyssens

More on Spaceship construction in Arizona from Jon

4927 K: can I add to the knowledge before you go further please?

Jon demonstrates the toroidal shape of his spaceship

Using Alekz bead technology

While we are waiting, are you there Armen?

How the Iranian spaceship scientists created the skin of their craft just like the shell of an egg

More understanding from Armen about nano-coating

Jon’s Magrav space ship

020356 Azar: good morning. Are all the magnetic fields we are observing here active?

Some questions from Zane

Some questions from Lisa MacDonald on how to create the GANS of Nitrogen for plant nutrition

A comparison of isotopes of Calcium and Silver in the function of the Immune system, or why Silver works so well

025710 K: you take vitamin B12, which is a pure gamma ray of cobalt.

030522 K: we have an aura; we have dynamic structure

031203 K: Do not get entangled with government.

031552 R: This is from Sue from Ohio, USA:

Something for next week

0534 Rick (R): Welcome everyone… This is kind of a milestone today at 150, its nearly 3 years of these weekly KS workshop programs and its many hundreds of hours of teachings, probably in the range of 500 or 600 hours, so we’re happy to hear once again from Mr. Keshe if he is available…

0630: Mr. Keshe (K): Yes, good morning, good day wherever and whenever you listen to these Knowledge Seekers’ teachings as we teach each other. As Rick said it is a milestone; we started in November three years ago when he asked to participate in one his Mrfixitrick programs. We have shared a lot of knowledge, we understood a lot and we went through a lot of development in learning and teaching. In that progress, we have reached many, many people who have understood the new technology. And many people try to grasp what the technology is. In so many ways we have managed to go through different developments and make sure that we ‘mature’ even further in the coming times. There is a lot of progress to be made. As I have said, we have not come off the floor on our hands and knees to stand up into the space technology.

0754 K: in so many ways we have learned, changed and we are teaching and learning new things together. The sharing of the knowledge will be determined by the use of the knowledge. We share knowledge and this is a deep teaching today that we have shared with some of the innovation centers and the private teachings that I see it is appropriate to bring them forward now. I hope we are able to join Jon or Armen for showing the videos of the flight system.

0849 K: I received a few emails and communications regarding something I taught before regarding the development of the trials in Tokyo University. The first phase of trials finished last week with the animals regarding the non-toxicity (of plasma materials). The second phase trials started this last Monday on the cancer cells from 3 tissues from the body of the man and 2 from the mice. I received 2 or more communications asking me to explain why I referred to sacrificing the live of the mice in the trials and you blessed their soul. This is traditional and those of you are scientifically educated and understand and those of you who are ignorant to the knowledge in the animal trials the maturity of the man has reached a point that they just don’t look at the animals as just another being they have to do the test on. Those who are mature in the world of science and the universe value the life of the mouse, the same as a mother or a father. When a child is in danger we have seen many times that the father sacrifices his life to save the life of his child even though he loses his life. The mother does the same.

1030 K: the scientists who have morals and are educated and understand look at the life of the mouse, the same as a mother. You test it and it is you, the scientist that gives the injection and uses the life (of the mouse) for saving the lives of others. So, those who have come to understand the truth respect the life and see it the same as sacrificing the life of the mother for the child. The life and the soul of the mouse are of the same height as that of the man. So, the term is used in scientific research labs (sacrifice) and they don’t call it killing. Sacrifice has the meaning of respect for the mother who gives her life as sacrifice to save the child. So, that is why we bless their souls. They allow us with their lives so some of us understand more to have a better and easier life. So, if you work in medical labs and scientific labs this is the term used by those that have ethics. They have respect for the animal. This is not sacrificial slaughtering but respect. I sacrifice my life for humanity and so does the mouse. This is why we use the word sacrifice in reference to live research.

MK gives some advice on interaction with governments

1210 K: going back to other aspects of development and what we call research and development, what we have this week is the release of the results to a number of national governments who were waiting for what they call toxicity reports so that we can go to the next step. There are a couple of Northern European governments that are going to use these test results as the basis of their research. In Ghana, we do the same, as well as other universities like Tokyo. The human trials have started and we are waiting for our licenses, which are coming hopefully after the new year. These are the licenses for the live cancer cell tests that will be issued in Japanand other places.

1310 K: it is important to understand that we need to be able to explain the technology. We have seen in places like Norway where some get on the bandwagon and say they cure this and that. It is their job to bring the Keshe Foundation (KF) into the public domain. They are serving the foundation. We don’t claim that we cure cancer; we always say in our contracts that the process is the body of the man that has to process the cancer. In so many ways we welcome the government investigations into every aspect of the KF because they have to test it.

1356 K: the same thing happened in Ghana and a lot of pressure has been put on the Ghanaian people by what we call the internet terrorists. The Ghanaian government told these ‘terrorists’ to get lost because they have seen the results and have studied the plasma technology for over a year and have seen people who were totally disabled and now they are walking and people who are diabetic.This is what you call negative publicity by these internet terrorists. It gives us more strength and that is why they want to see rapid development. We thank the new government in Ghanagovernment for collaborating on this technology in the same way and expanding the knowledge and developing the technology.

1438 K: the KF products go on the market Monday and next week we start putting materials into the public under the supervision of the Ghanaian government. The KF manufacturers do not put anything in the market unless it is licensed. If you are working at developing KF manufacturing have this is mind. From the day you open the door, you still have to get the product license from your nation. Now we are putting the power supply through the licensing and we achieve the delivery to go through in the next couple of weeks. We have to receive the license for it for people who work around it with supplying around the world. We ask all the KF supporters that if you are marketing anything, selling to friends, or setting up on the internet as we see many people doing, with many products of KF, not as the end product, but the pens or whatever, please make sure that you have licenses and certification.

1606 K: we support KF manufacturers, about 8 or 10 of them, and once you go into the system and need certification, that you use the certification of the material. This is only supplied when the factory sets up and is licensed. Please be on your guard and don’t give freely into the hands of people who want to speculate. Be correct. We saw this with the pen. We waited 3 to 4 months for certification of the pen. We did the same with the Magrav systems and the health pads. We are doing the same process with the new generator that is coming out; we need to have certification on it so that you are safe. Now that there are Magrav units there are some people trying to create mayhem with them. We know that people who made them for their homes and benefited from them have made thousands of them and sold them. We have seen people opposed to it and now they are ashamed to come forward to talk about it.

1734 K: this is normal with any new technology. We are front-runners for this technology, and we have to understand the technology. We have to welcome politicians who look at the technology. We have seen in Norway a lot of things going on with false information coming across by a bunch of people trying to abuse this. In a way, this is a breakthrough for us. When they accuse then they have to prove (their accusations). We invite them to test everything from the KF. If they make accusations, then we welcome them to prove those accusations because we have the proof. Especially for those of you who work in Norway, approach your government and ministers and provide them with the systems. The process and system (for cancer for example) is not a cure, medicine or alternative; it’s a new technology. We provide the pens and the pads; we provide you with equipment. It is for you to confirm that we are wrong. We have enough proof.

1843 K: this is like that in Norway if there is a minister going against them, deliver them the “C” Certification of the pen and pad and tell them this is the certification and it is for the minister to prove that the certification is wrong. Use the opposition from internal governments that is planned by those that get their fame by opposition to the advantages of the technology. Be very public with it. When you give the pen or pad to the government or minister take a picture of it and invite the press and say that you are being accused of telling that we ‘cure’ but we don’t ‘cure’ we process and these are the tools we use. It is for them to prove that we are wrong.

1927 K: Never run away from the government; your best friend is government because once they see it they work with it, the same as we have done with the Civil Defense of the Italian government. The Italian opposition that was set up deliberately just disappeared. You cannot just say to men in an earthquake zone who have used the pad to relieve their pain and the government says they are wrong. They just laugh at the government. So, use all the government and press support. Release it to the press and give them the pen and the pad and what combinations were used in the making the pad. Prove to us that we have that is licensed doesn’t work.

2012 K: those of you in Norway you have the best opportunity with the government and get involved. Deliver this to the ministers. The EU has at the moment a policy about the KF that was made a couple of years ago by British health authorities. They asked the EU what was gone to be done with the KF. It has been left on the table; let’s see what it brings. If someone does any health unit processing, there is a contract with the KF. You get your client or a doctor, to sign that this was done with a lot of detail work. He went through every aspect of the contract and there is no way they can break the contract. He took it across to Belgium authorities went through it with a fine-toothed comb and the Belgium insurance companies went through it and they said the contract is solid. Our health application came on the back of this contract. We gave it to everyone who is going to use the process. We don’t ‘heal’; this is a process that goes to the body. This contract was modified many times to make it perfect and every time there was a loophole the man who wrote it found a way to write it better. He has a good understanding. Belgium authorities and the EU took the contract apart, took it to court to test it and couldn’t ‘break it’.

The Health Agreement contract developed by Dirk Laureyssens

2154 K: This agreement known as the health agreement has the patient ask for the practitioner to share the knowledge. In a way, it is the same process as the mouse that we said was sacrificed so the knowledge could be used. People donate their lives in this agreement to humanity so that the knowledge can be shared. This is important and Dirk Laureyssens spent a lot of time writing this down. Initially this came from IMEC and they gave us the base. That is why when it was taken to the insurance system of Belgium to underwrite it as the patent for the process of changing illnesses, they underwrote the technology so I can sell (products) and teach the doctors how to use the system. We have certification for it in Belgium. It is underwritten for those who can use it as doctors and they make systems for us. Those who make systems for doctors in Europe are covered. Once it is applied in one name, it goes with the others.

2319 K: there is a lot of work done in the background and a lot of work has been done by all of you to give this strength. Do not be intimidated by people trying to intimidate you. Welcome any accusations delivered by the governmentsespecially in Europe with the pain pen and the pain pad. They can prove it’s wrong. They come to us because we have all the certification for it. This is the way to go; the governments are alert so don’t see them as the enemy. They are the best friends you could have. You have seen the collaboration between the KF and the Italian government officials. You will hear a lot more. InItaly, there is a huge, huge problem with contamination, which the KF has just completed (working on). Now treating contamination has become a part of the organization in Italy and I thank Paolo and Giovanni supporting this in the background. The decontamination team is more or less on a daily basis in meetings with different government officials. They could not believe that such a simple system could save thousands of jobs. It is very crucial, this testing. They have tested it in the labs, and have the data. National organizations have seen the data and are coming to KF in Italy with the support of the team for decontamination. We keep this company very much under wraps. Its job is not to report to public but to report to governments. It is one of our internal government systems that we are working inside of. Don’t be afraid; the governments come in because they don’t know and they have been given wrong information. Use the opportunity because they have opened the door for you. It is for you to go in and deliver. Make an appointment with the Minister of Health and say there is a miscommunication or misrepresentation by the press and this is the reality: we want to deliver the health pad and health pen that we want you to test. You have so many who have back pain. Test it. Here is the liquid plasma pain pad and it is made with the same principle as the pain pen. Then let them test and let them bring it through and they cannot deny it.