Standard ZC

Vehicle Information Condition – 5900

It is a condition of the policy that you supply such details of the vehicles whose use is covered by the policy as are required by the relevant law applicable in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, for entry on the Motor Insurance Database.

Contractual right of renewal (Tacit) – 5986

If you pay the premium to us using our Direct Debit instalment scheme, we will have the right (which we may choose not to exercise) to renew the policy each year and continue to collect premiums using this method. We may vary the terms of the policy (including the premium) at renewal. If you decide that you do not want us to renew the policy, provided you tell us (or your intermediary ) before the next renewal date, we will not renew it.

Cancellation rights – 5987 – Retail Clients ONLY

If you decide you do not want to accept the policy, or any subsequent renewal of it, please tell us (or your insurance intermediary) and return the Certificate of Insurance within 14 days of receiving it. We may, at our discretion, charge you for the time you have been on cover, including insurance premium tax. This does not affect your right to cancel this policy at any time, as detailed in the policy document.

Third party Contingency Cover – 5995

It is agreed that sub-section 2 of section 1 is cancelled and replaced by

2You alone will be indemnified when the liability arises out of an accident caused by, or in connection with, any motor vehicle whilst being used in connection with your business or trade.

Provided that :

a)such vehicle is not your property or held by you under a hire purchase agreement or hired by or leased to you.

b)you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that there is in force in respect of such vehicle an insurance that is valid for such use

c)If any claim covered by this sub-section 2 is also covered by any other insurance then notwithstanding condition number 4 in section 12 we shall not be liable to make any contribution to such claim

d)motor vehicle does not include any vehicle registered elsewhere than in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Otherwise the remainder of the policy applies.

Third Party Property Limit – 5997

It is agreed:

(a)this endorsement shall not apply where the limit imposed by it is greater than the limit imposed in the Terrorism Endorsement or any other endorsement or limit under this policy; and

(b)subject to (a) above, even if contrary to other parts of the policy, that the Third Party Property Limit under section 1 shall be limited to the amounts shown below (or such greater sum as may be required by the compulsory motor insurance legislation in the country in which the insured event occurs) in respect of any one accident or a series of accidents arising out of one event.

Vehicle TypeLimit

Private car, estate car, utility car or minibus£50,000,000

Motor cycle, motor cycle and sidecar, or moped£50,000,000

Any other motor vehicle£5,000,000

Otherwise the remainder of the policy applies

Commercial Motor Terrorism Restriction – 5999

It is agreed even if contrary to other parts of the policy that the limit of liability under section 1 in respect of any claim arising directly or indirectly from terrorism shall be £5,000,000 or the minimum amount required by the compulsory motor insurance legislation in the country in which the event occurs, whichever is the greater.

For the purposes of this policy terrorism means the use or threat of action where

1the action

a)involves serious violence against the person

b)involves serious damage to property

c)endangers a person’s life, other than the person committing the act

d)creates a serious risk to health and safety of the public or a section of the public, or

e)is designed seriously to interfere with or seriously to disrupt an electronic system,


2the use or threat is designed to influence the Government or to intimidate the public or a section of the public,


3the use or threat is made for the purpose of advancing a political, religious or other ideological cause.

Otherwise the remainder of the policy applies.