September 3, 2015

Hello and welcome to 8th grade Earth and Space Science! I’m very excited to start this year and make it even better than the last! My goal is to show you that science is fun and you’ll be learning some incredible things this year. Some of the topics we will cover are:

·  Multiple Intelligence

·  Astronomy

·  Plate Tectonics

·  Geology

·  Weathering and Erosion

·  Weather

You will not only be learning important scientific skills, you will also be preparing for high school and beyond. Yes, I want you to know all about science, but I will also expect that you be organized, responsible, respectful and work to increase your study skills. So I will require that everyday in class you bring:

·  A 1 inch binder ONLY for science divided into 2 sections (notes and worksheets)

·  A pencil case attached to your binder with at least 1 pen, pencil and highlighter

·  The school planner given to you

·  And a positive attitude

*I would also like to you have crayons, makers or colored pencils for use at home.

There will be binder checks so keep it neat! At the end of each unit, we will clean out your binder and start fresh, so don’t throw anything out at home!

Classroom Guidelines

There are a few simple guidelines that I will expect you to follow when in the classroom. They are as follows:

·  Be in your seat with pencil/pen and binder out when the bell rings.

·  Use appropriate language: no swearing, no teasing, no put-downs.

·  Follow directions the first time they are given.

Classroom Consequences:

If you choose not to follow these guidelines, you will be choosing the consequences listed below:

1st infraction: Verbal Reminder

2nd infraction: Last student out of class & Rewrite of infraction broken

3rd infraction: Parent Phone Call

4th infraction: Lunch/After School detention and think sheet

5th infraction: Teacher’s choice: Trip to office

10 minute time-out with buddy teacher

Main office referral

Severe clause: Trip to main office or guidance office

First Five Minutes Procedure:

When you come in this classroom, the first 5 minutes of class are to be used to:

·  Sit down in your seat with binder and pen/pencil on your desk.

·  Sharpen any pencils or borrow a pen/pencil if you have forgotten one.

·  Write down homework in school planner within 2 minutes of the bell ringing.

·  Complete the Do Now on your dry erase board within 5 minutes of the bell ringing.

·  Complete team job following completion of do now.

·  Place any homework on desk and pass it up front when called for.

·  Await further instructions quietly.

Having the “Right Stuff” Raffle:

For following the first five minutes procedure, you will have the opportunity to earn raffle tickets.

Get 1 raffle ticket for:

·  In seat when bell rings with binder out.

·  Do Now completed within 5 minutes of the bell ringing.

·  Homework written in planner within 2 minutes of the bell ringing.



*You will also earn raffle tickets for your behavior. If you are:

·  Polite, attentive, participate and answer difficult questions in class. (These will be random so be on your best behavior at all times!)

Raffle Prizes:

*Weekly prizes are toys, homework passes, games, etc.

*Monthly prizes earn breakfast, lunch or ice cream for your entire team!

Grading policy:

All of your grades will be divided into 3 categories:

·  Product - Homework

·  Process - Classwork

·  Content - Tests/Quizzes

All of these categories are worth 1/3 of your grade making up the total 100%.

Late assignment policy:

All assignments are due on the date posted. If you fail to turn in your assignment on the date posted, you will lose 10% each day. You will have no more than 1 week for the due date to turn in the assignment. After that week, the assignment cannot be made up. No exceptions!

Please review this document with your parents or guardians and bring it back in with your signature and their signature. This will be your first homework assignment and will act as a contract stating that you understood these guidelines, which you will follow during the course of the year. The first 2 pages should be kept in your binder so that you can review the policies at any time. If you are reading this write the word yo on the back of the paper to earn your first raffle ticket. Therefore, there should be no questions about the expectations that I have for you in class. I hope we will have a wonderful science class this year!


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