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This is the last Will and Testament of Fakir Mohammed of Yaraba Road , Carlsen Field in the Island of Trinidad made this 30th day of May in the year of Our Lord one thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety nine .

I do hereby revoke all former wills and documents of testamentary nature hereto before made by me and I declare this to be my last will and testament.

I declare I am the legal owner of a leasehold interest in a property known as Lot 1 A Carlsen Field.

I hereby nominate and appoint Inshan Mohammed and Inshah Mohmmed to be the executor of this my last will.

I hereby bequeath unto Inshan Mohammed and Inshah Mohammed all the cattle which I own.

I hereby devise and bequeath all my property described as Lot I A Carlsen Field to my children Inshan Mohammed , Rasheed Mohammed, Ramsan Mohammed , Fareed Mohammed, Inshah Mohammed , Farz Mohmmed , Zoreen Mohammed, Fareeda Mohammed , Sheriffa Mohammed and Shaheeda Mohammed and wife Zynab Mohammed as joint tenants.

As to the remainder of my property both real and personal of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situate to which I am entitled or to which I may be entitled at the date of my death I give devise and bequeath unto the said wife and children for their absolute benefit.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the day and year herein above written.

Signed by the within named testator)

and acknowledged by him to )

be his last will and )

testament who at his request )......

in his presence and in the ) Fakir Mohammed

presence of both of us being )

present at the same time )

have hereunto subscribed )

our names as .witnesses )




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