Holy Family Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes – January 21, 2017

Attendees: Father Gaudy, Todd Solomon, Joe Kelly, Mike Jakubec, Mike O’Brien, Alex Spear, Bill Shannon, Beverly Manlove, Pastoral Associate Alfie Martinez-Coyle, Joe Stefonowich, Gwen Stinard, Dick Dietz, Bob May.

General: The September Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) meeting minutes were reviewed and approved via email and are posted on the parish website.

New Business:

·  PPC Meeting frequency: Monthly, year-round

·  Annual retreat: One-day format, held in the January time-frame

·  Meeting agendas: Have SLT presentations followed by working sessions on alternating months. Have ministry submit written report (ideally) 3 days prior to meeting for PPC to review. New schedule of presentations to accommodate change to monthly meeting format attached.

·  Discussion of how to gather input from parishioners. Can PPC leverage NET survey data all or in part? Can survey be amended to capture data relevant to PPC?

·  Products/deliverables: Should be compilation of all SLT ministries 3-5 year plan. Present final plan to SLT for confirmation/feedback.

Submitted on January 26, 2017

By Beverly Simons Manlove

PPC Secretary

2017 Church of the Holy Family Parish Pastoral Council Annual Plan

January – Annual PPC Retreat

February - Community and Service Ministries report

March – PPC working session (review Pastoral Vision and assess implementation)

April – NET report

May - Word Ministry and Parish Ecumenical Representative reports.

June – PPC working session

July: Worship Ministry and Finance Council report of the FY Budget (1 July-30 June), which should focus on fiscal support of the approved “Church of the Holy Family, Parish Pastoral Vision, Next 3-5 Years

August: PPC working session (Update to Pastoral Vision and working draft of Implementing Guidance in support of the Pastoral Vision). Form NRC.

September – PPC working session (Finalize Pastoral Vision updates and Implementing Guidance. Start receiving PPC nominations

October - PPC Information Night and hold PPC elections over two weekends.

November - Commissioning of new PPC members, Decommissioning of outgoing members at masses. PPC meeting conducts new PPC member training (includes VIRTUS training) and includes annual wrap-up of PPC activities for the year.

December – PPC working session (plans next CY activities)

The next PPC Meeting will be held on February 8, 2017.