Junior Miss Indian LawtonPageant2006


Applicant Eligibility:

  1. Must be a female between the ages of 11-16.
  2. Must be at least 1/16 Native American and or proof of tribal descedancy(Combine tribal blood quantum but only represent one tribe during competition)
  3. Must never have been married or birthed any children
  4. Must have a 2.0 GPA for the last semester of school
  5. Must live within a 25 mile radius of Lawton
Application Material Checklist

_____ CompletedJunior Miss Indian Lawton Application

_____ Copy of Certificate of Indian Blood or Tribal Decadency

_____ Tribal Talent Description

_____ An essay, no less than 2 paragraphs long, on the theme

“My Grandmother - Keeper of My Heritage”.

_____ 1 Headshot photograph (color or black & white)

*Note: All materials become the property of the Lawton Inter-Tribal Women’s League and will not be returned.

Application Deadline: September 25, 2005

For more information, call Lucinda Poahway at (580) 429-8485 or

Gwen Stone at 581-2106

Submit completed application and all materials to:

Junior Miss Indian Lawton Pageant 2006

c/o Lucinda Poahway

PO Box 978

Cache, OK73527

Junior Miss Indian Lawton Pageant 2006


With this form, I hereby enter the Junior Miss Indian Lawton Pageant and submit all the following information for publicity and review purposes. Please type or print clearly.

Contestant #:______

(*Please do not write contestant number.It will be assigned by the Director, Junior Miss Indian Lawton)

Name:______Birth date:______

Mailing address: ______Home phone: (___)______

______Work phone: (___)______

Mother’s Name:______

Father’s Name: ______




May we recognize your parents/siblings at the pageant? ( ) Yes ( ) No


Enrollment Number______

Tribe you will be representing at the pageant:______

(you can only choose one tribe)

Indian Name/Meaning: ______

Grade in Which You are Currently Enrolled: ______

Cumulative G.P.A:______

Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school? ( ) Yes ( ) No

HOBBIES: ______


What Are Your Future Plans? ______

I, ______hereby submit this application and state the information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Contestant’s Signature: ______

Date: ______

A parental signature is required for any person under the age of 18

Parent’s Signature:______

Date: ______

Date Application Received: ______

Signature of Person Receiving Application



“My Grandmother – Keeper of My Heritage”

* You will not be judged on this essay; however, it will be included in the packet given to the judges. You could possibly be asked questions regarding your essay. Please make a copy & review periodically.




Page 2

Essay cont’d______
Description of Traditional Talent:

Title of presentation:______

Technical needs: ( ) Cassette player ( ) Microphone/stand ( ) Table ( ) Chair

( ) Other:______

Description of presentation:


In What Language will your Tribal Greeting be?


In What Tribal Dress Will You be Competing?