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Number of mobile garbage bins (MGB) required.Bins remain the property of Council
120lt MGB / 240lt MGB

Commercial waste collectioncosts are based on weekly collection over 52 weeks (1 July – 30 June) pro rata applies:

$326.20 per annum for 1st MGB (GST inclusive)$147.80 per annum for each subsequent MGB (GST inclusive)

Pick-up daywill be allocated by Council – Indicate number of bins

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / $______


All correspondence regarding this service should be addressed to:

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Fax: 03 5272 4570
Mail: Waste Services Officer, City of Greater Geelong, PO Box 104, Geelong Vic 3220

I, ______acknowledge and understand the terms and conditions that are applicable with respect to the prohibited materials, and that the account will be suspended/cancelled within 30 days if the account is overdue.
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Bin No(s) / RFS Number / Account Sent
Commercial Waste Collection Service Terms and Conditions
Prohibited Material:
  1. The applicant shall maintain the bin in a sound, clean and odour free condition suitable for collection.
  1. The bin will be labelled by Council with the business name and property address as shown on the registration form.
  1. The bin will be delivered to the property on receipt of the registration form by the Commercial Waste Collection Service Unit.
  1. The applicant must ensure that all waste for collection is contained within the bin.
  1. All accounts must be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice, failure to do so will result in cancellation of the service.
  1. The application is bound by any amendments that may be made by Council at any time to the conditions controlling this service.
  1. The charges quoted are current and may be adjusted annually to reflect changes in the CPI.
  1. The applicant shall give the Council at least seven days notice if the service is to be discontinued at the completion of the term covered by payment. No refunds will be issued.
  1. Council will not cover the cost of any bin that is stolen or vandalised.
  1. Bin’s are to be placed in a location accessible to collection vehicles prior to allocated collection days.
  1. Council can undertake an audit of your commercial bin / bins during the course of the agreement. Breaches of the prohibited materials found in commercial waste bins may result in penalties being imposed in accordance with applicable legislation.
  1. Slops, liquid waste, night soil, toxic chemicals, hazardous or offensive waste.
  1. Oil, fuel, paint, solvents, transmission/brake fluid, poison, pharmaceuticals, acids, alkalis, extinguishers, gas cylinders, fertilisers, solvent based glues, battery acid, batteries and like substances.
  1. Syringes, needles or any infectious material including any sharp object contaminated with human tissue.
  1. Any materials that may damage the MGB or the collection vehicle and its equipment.
  1. Prescribed waste pursuant to the Environment Protection Act.
  1. Medical waste excluding dialysis waste.