Position Description

Title: Works Planner (Substation)

Position Number: 5014

Classification: A4-ZBS

Division: Network Services

Branch: Works Enablement

Reports to:Program Planner



To scope, estimate, coordinate and support asset management works packaging specialising in Substation works within Works Enablement Branch, including scheduled and reactive maintenance, capital replacement and minor design enhancements in accordance with the requirements of the Asset Management Plan to achieve optimal network performance within the context of achieving environmental and commercial excellence.

The position includes an obligation to actively support ActewAGL to carry out work in a way that does not put ActewAGL in breach of legislative or regulatory obligations and in accordance with the ActewAGL Code of Conduct. ActewAGL will have responsibility to provide suitable training of the legal obligations relevant to your work and to ActewAGL business undertakings.

The position is required to participate fully in all aspects of health, safety and environment management within ActewAGL, including risk assessment, hazard identification and control and incident reporting.

Branch Structure


Staff – Direct Report / 1
Staff – Indirect Reports / 0
Revenue Budget / Not applicable


  • To scope, coordinate, estimate and work package approved programs for replacing all network assets specialising in substations
  • Analyse equipment defect/condition reports against asset management plan/ replacement principles to determine treatment in optimising the asset lifecycle
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of special projects involving the use of internal /external service providers /contractors.
  • Assist works packaging for unusually complex tasks and arrange to obtain specialist assistance when required.
  • Create and track estimated work packs through WASP for planned capital and maintenance work for the overhead and underground sub transmission and distribution networks.
  • Oversee and monitor capital projects delegated to the position from initial estimate through to project closure.
  • Investigate failures and recommend remedial actions and identify other continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Ensure that asset records are accurate and maintenance history is being captured.
  • Provide assistance in ensuring all relevant, acts, regulatory requirements and ethical standards are met.
  • Other duties as directed.

Communication and Reporting

  • Provide monthly reports in relation to scheduled / completed works in agreed format.
  • Prepare reports of investigated network incidents.
  • Communicate and develop effective relationships with stakeholders regarding work planning timing, resource and logistical requirements.
  • Attend and participate in section and branch meetings.
  • Provide input into improvement opportunities.

Teamwork and Leadership

  • Assist other staff within the section to develop skills and knowledge to support the functions of the section.
  • Participate in the performance review process through regular feedback to team members.
  • Identify and participate in training and development opportunities

Forecast and Oversee Expenditure against Assigned Project Budgets

  • Forecast and monitor expenses against Capital and Maintenance plans
  • Report on variances for assigned work activities.
  • Provide project financial closure reports within required time frames.


  • Trade Qualifications in System Technicianor equivalent
  • Post Secondary Qualifications in Management or Electrical Engineering (Diploma Level) or other acceptable technical qualification
  • Substation, design, construction or maintenance experience.(desirable)
  • Overhead and UG network and protection system design, construction and maintenance knowledge
  • Project management skills for implementing and completing projects specific to the Asset Management Plan.
  • Asset management and plan development skills.
  • Knowledge of the work scheduling development requirements in an energy distribution andtransmission environment
  • Computer operations and associated scheduling data bases and programmes
  • Understand the administrative, communication, interpersonal needs and processes of a works packaging branch
  • Industry knowledge of an energy distribution environment
  • Day to day operational knowledge of field service activities.
  • Meeting deadlines on multiple projects using technical and administrative knowledge andskills
  • Utilise scheduling, asset management, mapping and finance software packages for thepreparation of work packages
  • Sound understanding of asset management principles.
  • Implement Design and Construction standards, processes and procedure in thedevelopment of work packages including estimates
  • Experience with interpretation of various maintenance records and reports, identification of trends and corrective maintenance actions.


  • Strong mathematical and numeracy skills.
  • Attention to detail and problem solving skills.
  • Well developed communication, written and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to set priorities and work to deadlines.
  • Commitment to customer service.
  • Ability to work as part of a team.
  • Motivated and conscientious.
  • Willingness to develop, learn and to show initiative.


Competency / Expected level of Competency
Effective Communication / Communicates clearly / Confidently presentsmessages in a clear,concise and articulatemanner. Focuses onkey points and uses
Appropriateunambiguous language.
Selects the mostappropriate medium forconveying informationand structures writtenand oral communicationto ensure clarity.
Listens, understands and adapts / Ability to persuadeothers to adoptparticular procedures,methods or strategieswhere there areconflicting interests andopinions amongst eitherthe organisation orindividuals who areskilled in their field.
Negotiates persuasively / Possess substantialmanagement skills orthe frequent use ofnegotiating skills of alegal or industrialrelations nature.
Achieves Results / Appropriate resource allocation / Identifies opportunitiesfor continuousimprovement. Reviewsproject performance,seeks to identify keytalent to supportperformance. Is flexibleand highly responsiveto change.
Takes responsibility for outcomes and achieving results / Commits to achieving quality outcomes and adheres to procedures. Sees projects through to completion and manages priorities, adjusts plans as required. Seeks feedback from stakeholders to gauge satisfaction.
Productive Working Relationships / Nurtures internal and external relationships / Develops and sustainsrelationships with anetwork of key internaland external people.Proactively offers
assistance for amutually beneficialrelationship. Anticipates
and responds to internaland external clientneeds.
Listens, understands and recognises needs of others / Operates as an effective team member and works collaboratively. Involves people and encourages them to contribute. Consults and shares information to ensure all stakeholders are informed.


Commercial / Achieves compromises between localised and company-wide objectives
Understand the tradeoffs between commercial risks and opportunities and make appropriate decisions to support the implementation of the Corporate Strategy
Field Leadership / Is respected by the line as a leader
Is prepared to push down unpopular decisions or policies
Empathises with the field workforce
Appropriately represents the interests of workforce in management forums
Uses understanding of technical detail to manage resources
Planning, Scheduling & Forecasting / Demonstrates conceptual skills in planning, scheduling and forecasting
Interacts effectively with Network AM group to translate AM Plans into work schedules, and adjust appropriately as required
Develops effective tools to achieve necessary outcomes
Actively seeks and implements opportunities to trade-off / optimise
Manages the balance between accuracy and completeness (i.e. Can push on when data is incomplete, with appropriate caveats)
Shows a commitment to plan / schedule accuracy and stability
Demonstrates foresight in anticipating upcoming issues / constraints
Understands internal systems and uses them effectively
Collaborates effectively on constraints, targets and performance expectations
Crisis and Shift Operations / Doesn't compromise compliance with procedure when under pressure
3rd Party Management / Effectively delegates and escalates
Looks for innovation and ways to improve the relationship
Customer Service / Able to understand customer needs and articulate them internally
Able to balance the trade-off between customer needs and internal stakeholder needs
Keeps the customer informed of progress, quality, information requirements, etc


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