Third National Show 2015

Guidelines and Rules.


1.  The National Show will promote the art of Bonsai by bringing together the best bonsai in New Zealand.


2.  The National Show will, where possible, be held in conjunction with a convention and will alternate between the North and South Islands.

3.  The host of the convention in accepting the National Show must agree to the rules set down by NZBA


4.  Entries are to be submitted on the designated form together with a digital photograph of the bonsai.

5.  Selection for the National Show is to be undertaken by a Judging Panel of New Zealand registered demonstrators nominated by the NZBA committee.

6.  There is no limit on the number of bonsai, including Shohin, which any one entrant can submit for selection.

7.  A maximum of three bonsai will be accepted per entrant for the Show (including native trees and Shohin).

8.  Bonsai submitted for the National Show must have been owned by the person submitting for a minimum of two years at the time of the show.

Tables, stands and accessories

9.  All bonsai need to be shown with stands and associated accent plants, figurines or stones. It is the responsibility of the owner or his/her nominated representative to set up and look after their bonsai.


10.  Shohin, which are to be less than 25cm in height, measured from the rim of the pot, will be the only separate class of bonsai.

11.  Shohin is to be a group of three pots and will be judged as one. (Stand to be supplied by the bonsai artist).


12.  Once an entry has been selected substitution of an alternative tree is not permitted. The Judging Panel may at its discretion approve a fourth tree from an applicant but only three will be permitted to be displayed. The applicant must designate at least one month in advance of the National Show which three trees are to be entered. The exception to this rule is for Shohin where one tree in the group of three may be substituted with notification of this at least one month in advance of the National Show.


13.  The Master Demonstrator at the convention will judge the National Show. There may additional judges for other awards, such as from BCI or WBFF.

14.  For the Native Tree Award (Keith Lowe Trophy), where the Judge is from overseas and may not be familiar with New Zealand natives, Keith Lowe will be invited to assist the Master Demonstrator. In the absence of Keith Lowe the NZBA may nominate a New Zealand demonstrator.


15.  The best bonsai overall in the show will be awarded the Colin Churchill trophy

16.  The best native tree (including native planting) will be awarded the Keith Lowe trophy

17.  The best tree and pot combination will be awarded the Alan Van trophy.

18.  In addition to the above up to six merit awards may be granted if the judge feels that these trees reach the required standard.

19.  All entries, including those in the Shohin class, are eligible for all awards except for the Keith Lowe Award which is for a New Zealand native bonsai.

20.  The recipient of the trophy is responsible for engraving their name and date on the plaque and for delivering the trophy to the next convention for the Awards Ceremony.


21.  NZBA will promote the event in Bonsai Times, the NZBA website and other appropriate publications.


22.  Entrants must be either a member of NZBA or of an associated club.

23.  Application forms will be available on the NZBA website.

24.  The closing date for entries will be advertised and no late entries can be accepted. Photographs of the Award winning and merit trees will be displayed on the NZBA website

National Show space allocation

25.  The host is responsible for providing suitable facilities for the Show such as allocation of space, tables, draping and backing boards to ensure that the trees are displayed to their best advantage. The number of trees for the National Show will be advised by NZBA as soon as this is determined. It should be anticipated that the likely number of trees that are accepted for the National Show will be similar to that in previous shows.

Updated 14/9/14