Easby Class Catch Up in Pictures

November, 2017

During the last few weeks the children have been engaged in lots of exciting activities including those you can view below:

In phonics we’ve been melting marshmallows, making

Jittery Jell y and catching rhyming fish.

Peeling and chopping

Autumn fruits

for our healthy

snacks and puddings.

One of our children has an aunt who teaches in Hong Kong. She regularly sends us artefacts relating to Chinese festivals. In the pictures above Thomas, on the left, is helping to make moon cakes, a treat traditionally eaten during , ‘The Moon Festival’. In the picture on the right, some of our children are dressed in traditional Chinese costumes.

There’s been lots of building work going on! Kason’s doing a marvellous job with the plumbing.

Our role-play is enriched by being able to visit the real thing first!

We made our own Gingerbread Men and decorated them with 5 buttons. Numicon shapes are used in nearly all the areas of our classroom to support the children’s maths learning.

Can you spot Oliver scurrying around on the floor? He’s a dormouse and he’s trying to avoid the beady eyes of the owl flying overhead. The children have been involved in lots of role-play as nocturnal animals and animals that hibernate. Two very small tortoises came to visit – just before they go into hibernation.

The children made bird feeders with fresh chopped apple, cheese and raisins.

Amelia laced the bird food in a repeating pattern and is describing this pattern to an adult.

We had a wonderful afternoon watching a production of ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’.

We conclude this catch up with a photo of all the children dressed up in their photo booth outfits, which was one of the activities they took part in to raise money for ‘Children in Need’.