Exline Paper Grade Sheet

Turn in With Paper

11 points each (1 point bonus if all 9 are checked)

____1. Less than 1 spelling and grammar error per page.

____2. Information well organized, including a good introduction and conclusion.

____3. Meets all requirements for paper length, margins, line spacing, headers,

underlined topic sentence, the grade sheet and checklist are attached, and other related guidelines for the assignment (seeWriter’s Guide).

____4. A correct Works Cited page.

____5. Correct in text citation.

____6. Student, through summarizing, paraphrasing, and reworking source

materials shows understanding of material and ability to use own words.

____7. Student’s own thoughts and opinions represent at least 25% of the content

of the paper. Opinions expressed are based upon facts presented.

____8. Paper is original, interesting, and thought provoking.

____9. Facts in the paper are accurate and complete and appropriate to the topic.

9.5 points each

____1. 1-3 spelling and grammar errors per page.

____2. Paper is not well organized or introduction/conclusion weak or lacking.

____3. Paper is a little short (1/2 page or less) or is not typed according to

guidelines for the assignment.

____4. Works Cited page is present and complete, but not correctly formatted.

____5. Minor problems with in text citation.

____6. Student writing shows signs it is merely reworded from sources, showing

a weak understanding or interpretation of the topic.

____7. Student makes some attempt to show original thoughts and opinions.

____8. Paper is average- not especially thought provoking, original, or interesting.

____9. Facts show some inaccuracy, or are not entirely appropriate to the

argument presented.

8 points each

____1. More than 3 but less than 6 spelling and grammar errors per page.

____2. Paper is not well organized and also lacks introduction/conclusion.

____3. Paper is considerably short (1/2 to 1 page), or a little short and not typed

according to guidelines.

____4. Works Cited page is incomplete, such as less than 3 valid sources.

____5. In text citation present, but major problems.

____6. Student writing shows large traces of original source materials, little

interpretation or understanding.

____7. Student makes no attempt to show original thoughts and opinions.

____8. Paper not at all interesting or original, like reading from an encyclopedia.

____9. Major inaccuracies or poor use of facts to back opinions.

Unacceptable (I may refuse to accept a paper with the following problems)

____1. 6 or more spelling and grammar errors per page.

____2. No organization to the paper, such as a paper that is merely a list of facts.

____3. Paper excessively short, not typed, or lacking in all of the guidelines.

____4. No Works Cited page.

____5. No in text citation.

____6. Material lifted straight from sources or other forms of plagiarism.