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Government – Mr. Hausman

Chapter 16 Short Answer Questions

1) In ______law cases, an individual is charged with violating a specific law. The offense maybe harmful to an individual or to society as a whole, but in either case it warrants punishment,such as imprisonment or a fine.

Page Ref: 504

2) What is a class action suit? Why are they important? Give an example.

Page Ref: 505

3) What is a justiciable dispute?

Page Ref: 505

4) Sometimes groups do not directly argue a case for a litigant but instead submit a(n) ______that seeks to influence the decision of the court.

Page Ref: 506

5) Courts with ______jurisdiction hear cases brought to them on appeal from a lower court,

and do not review the factual record, only the legal issues involved.

Page Ref: 507

6) The federal ______courts are the courts of original jurisdiction for most federal cases; theyhear no appeals.

Page Ref: 507

7) What is the difference between Constitutional courts and legislative courts?

Page Ref: 507-508

8) In the ______Congress created our system of Constitutional courts.

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9) ______cases involve civil suits between citizens of different states or suits in which one ofthe parties is a citizen of a foreign nation and the matter in question exceeds $75,000.

Page Ref: 508

10) ______issue warrants for arrest, determine whether to hold arrested persons for action by agrand jury, and sometimes set bail.

Page Ref: 508

11) ______are assigned to each district to protect the judicial process and to serve the writs thatthe judges issue.

Page Ref: 508

12) Among its most important tasks, the Supreme Court resolves conflicts between or among______.

Page Ref: 510

13) Explain the process of senatorial courtesy.

Page Ref: 512

14) Which two Supreme Court justices were nominated by George W. Bush?

Page Ref: 515

15) Explain why previous judicial experience is not that important in nominating individuals tothe Supreme Court.

Page Ref: 511

16) The most common way for the Supreme Court to put a case on its docket is by issuing to alower federal or state court a(n) ______, which is a formal document that calls up a case.

Page Ref: 521

17) What is a per curiam decision?

Page Ref: 522


18) Explain the importance of amicus curiae briefs.

Page Ref: 522

19) All courts rely heavily upon ______, the way similar cases were handled in the past, as a

guide to current decisions.

Page Ref: 523

20) Judicial ______refers to how and whether court decisions are translated into actual policy,affecting the behavior of others.

Page Ref: 526

21) The 1803 Supreme Court decision which included Chief Justice John Marshallʹs assertion of theright of judicial review was the case of ______.

Page Ref: 529

22) Compare and contrast the principles of judicial restraint and judicial activism.

Page Ref: 535

23) What is the doctrine of political questions?

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