We are excited to invite you to the following events in Oslo

– October & November 2008

Events - October Date

iiyoga Presentation Thursday 9 10

Events - November Date

Yogaboxing Class Friday 14.11

Courses - November Date

iiyoga Basic Methods Saturday 15.11

iiyoga Module 1: Transform Your Life Saturday 15.11 – Sunday 16.11

iiyoga Module 2: Methods and Instructor Training Monday 17.11 – Tuesday 18.10

Venue – all events and courses

Unity, Møllergata 23 (entrance in Hospitalgata), Oslo www.unity.no

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iiyoga™ Presentation

This evening Karin O’Sullivan will introduce you to the effective iiyoga™ system. She warmly invites you to experience the benefits of some of the basic yoga-based eye movements, finger positions and massage techniques along with a presentation of this holistic system.

It’s amazingly useful in eliminating stress and muscle tension and for creating complete stillness. And it can be done at any time and any place.

Do you feel stressed? Come check this out!

Time: / Thursday October 9 at 6.30 – 8.00 pm
Venue: / Unity, Møllergata 23, Oslo – Room 308
Cost: / 100 NOK (10 GBP / 12 EUR) At the door.
Language: / Norwegian

Yogaboxing Class – with Joshua

Yogaboxing is yoga, boxing, African dance, aerobics and tai chi – all in one workout.

Characterized as “the most fun you can have sweating in your clothes”, Yogaboxing fuses together powerful movements, postures and breaths into a single workout that will make you sweat, shake, and shout like never before.

Yeah Baby! Be prepared to smile and have a great time.

For all levels beginner and advanced.

Would you like to be a Yogaboxing Instructor?

There is going to be an Instructor course in Oslo ultimo March 2009. Sign up now!

Joshua’s Yogaboxing DVD can be ordered from www.amazone.co.uk

It was the number 1 selling non-celebrity fitness title in the UK for 2002/2003.

Time: / Friday November 14 at 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm
Venue: / Unity, Møllergata 23, Oslo – Room 208
Cost: / 200 NOK (20 GBP / 25 EUR) At the door.
Language: / English

iiyoga™ Self Help:

To learn iiyoga as a self help practice we invite you to join the iiyoga™ Basic Methods Course and / or iiyoga™ Transforming your Life Course.

iiyoga™ Basic Methods

Learn the full suite of iiyoga basic methods to create more passionate life, career, romantic and spiritual goals. Develop your own self-practice by discovering proven iiyoga strategies and create a more relaxing life. Open to all.

Time: / Saturday November 15 at 10 am - 5 pm
Venue: / Unity, Møllergata 23, Oslo – Room 308
Cost: / 1500 NOK * when you pay before October 15 – or 2000 NOK later
Language: / English

* 1500 NOK is 188 EUR / 150 GBP

iiyoga™ Instructor Training:

This time we offer an iiyoga™ Instructor Training Intensive. Duration is 4 days.

iiyoga™ Transforming Your Life – Module 1

In this course you get an overview of iiyoga™, with Joshua’s personal story of how he developed iiyoga™ over 8-year period of trial and research. You will have the opportunity to go deep into your voice of the past through Joshua’s Tantric and Somatic meditations using eye movements to quickly clear blockages. There is a review of iiyoga™ Eye Pendulation techniques, head massage techniques, mantras and breathe.

In this workshop you also begin to prepare the iiyoga™ Instructor Training and a review of the iiyoga™ Instructor Manual. There will be demonstrations of how iiyoga™ techniques help clients quickly move past their pain and blockages without the need to re-experience a past trauma.

Open to all.

Time: / Saturday November 15 at 10 am - 8 pm, Sunday November 16 at 10 am – 8 pm
Venue: / Unity, Møllergata 23, Oslo – Room 308
Time: / 5 000 NOK when you pay before October 15 – or 5500 NOK later
Language: / English

* 5 000 NOK is 627 EUR / 507 GBP

iiyoga™ Methods and Instructor Training – Module 2

As a participant in this course you will be fully trained as an iiyoga™ Instructor.

The course emphasizes a review of the Instructor Manual and learning Joshua’s Bilateral Eye-Hand Measures to gather important childhood data from the unconscious to track the effects of imprints left in the physiology. Also, Eye Pendualtion techniques and eye positions are studied along with powerful coaching suggestions with eye movements to disrupt stress signals quickly and install more positive beliefs. There is an opportunity to view live sessions with Joshua and ask questions.

We review the anatomy of trauma and the parts of the brain affected, as well as review hormones and chemicals involved with trauma and abuse. Trainings include the Nadi Chart, and body techniques like Shadowboxing, Emotional Release, and The Voice that can be practiced alone and facilitated with clients. There is an instructor exam at the end of the training and discussion of research essay to complete the certification process.

Prerequisite: Completion of iiyoga™ Transforming your Life course.

Time: / Monday November 17 at 10 am - 8 pm, Tuesday November 18 at 10 am – 6 pm
Venue: / Unity, Møllergata 23, Oslo – Room 308
Time: / 5 000 NOK when you pay before October 15 – or 5500 NOK later
Language: / English

Course Leaders

Joshua Isaacs, creator of iiyoga™ and Karin O’Sullivan, leader of iiyoga™ Scandinavia.

Course Enrolment

Sign up for the course and secure your place by sending us an email to

and pay a deposit or the full course fee.

Pay a month in advance and get a 500 NOK discount.

Either pay the whole course fee at once or 1000 NOK for each course as a deposit. You will then receive an invoice with the outstanding fee, which is to be paid no later than 14 days ahead of the course. The deposit is not refundable if you cancel less than 14 days before the course starts.

Please pay to iiyoga, P.b. 87, N- 1482 Nittedal.

Account no 1254 05 21121 – note the course you want to participate in.

From abroad: IBAN: NO891254 211 21 BIC/SWIFT: DNBANOKK

As soon as we receive your payment you will receive a confirmation and more info.

Contact info in Oslo

Please contact: Karin O’Sullivan.

Mobile: +47 976 05780

Skype: karinjayne