Information Systems

An information system is a collection of interacting parts whose purpose is to allow the user or a group of users to locate and interpret information.

An information system can be as simple as in an individual’s notes for this topic or as complex as all the hardware, software, personnel, data and procedures that make it possible for the largest government in the world to carry out the daily business of governing.

An information system is the name given to all operations and procedures or steps involved in processing data into information.

The operations and procedures involved in processing data include the steps by which data-processing takes place: the colleting, organising, analysing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving and displaying of data.

Participants are needed to help in these operations and to interpret the information produced by such procedures.

Data, or the raw facts with which the system can work, is also requires.

When data is processed, and meaning is attached to the result, it is called information.

Interacting Parts of the information System

Part / Definition / Description


/ The environment is everything that influences, and is influenced by, the information system and its purpose / The information system has an impact on its environment and, in turn, the environment has an impact on the information system.
Purpose / The purpose is the reason(s) for the creation and existence of the information system / There are a lot of reasons for the development of information systems eg a need for a list of all the food requirements for animals in the zoo
Information systems / The 7 information processes include: collecting, organising, analysing, storing and retrieving, processing, transmitting and receiving, and displaying. / Information processes involve both computer and non-computer activities carried out to develop and maintain an information system.
Data/ Information / Data is the raw material that information processes deal with. Information is the output from the data once it has been processes and given meaning by people. / Data can take many forms such as graphics, audio, video, text or numbers and its use will be determined by the purpose of the information system.
Participants / Participants are the people who carry out the processes within the information system. / Participants are the users of the information system who play a direct or indirect role in the development and use of the system.
Information technology / Information technology is the hardware and software used in the information processes / Hardware will not operate without software.

Summary of the information System Components of the Sydney Telephone Directory

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/ The environment includes all the area within the Sydney telephone zone / The Sydney telephone zone is part of a global telephone system
Purpose / The purpose of the Sydney telephone directory is to provide the telephone numbers of those who have listed numbers in the Sydney telephone area. / The purpose is general distribution but individual wishes have to be respected. This means unlisted numbers will not be included.
Information systems / All 7 information processes are involved in the development and maintenance of the directory / Numbers will be changed or moved to new addresses every day. Maintenance requires that the system be regularly updated.
Data/ Information / Data includes the text and numbers which represent an entry in the directory, information is the telephone details extracted by the user who searches the directory alphabetically and related a name to a number / Data accuracy is a most important issue.
Participants / Participants involve:
Direct users – those who are involved in the creation, distribution and use of the system,
Indirect users – those who are contacted as a result of the use of the system / There may be a considerable overlap between the types of participants and the form in which they obtain information from the system: book, CD-ROM or via the internet.
Information technology / Hardware such as computer systems and software programs such as word processors and databases plus non-computer technology including forms for data collection and the printed version of this directory. / The system is available in manual and electronic form as a CD or on the internet
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