[MOU Completion Date: Month, Day, Year]

([Indicate which: Recruitment/Retention] Effort: [name])

This memorandum of understanding between the [Name of College(s)] and the Office of the Vice Provost – Academic Affairs supports the temporary funding of a career position as [title and level of appointment], Title Code [enter title code] for [name of POP client] in the Department of [name of department], effective [date], and establishes the source(s) of funding for this position.

The Partner Opportunities Program will provide one-half of current year base-salary bridge funds, plus benefits and General, Automobile, and Employment Practices Liability Insurance assessments (GAEL) for this position from [start date] until [end date]. The [name of college of main recruit/retention effort] will provide one-half of the funding. [OR: The [name of college of main recruit/retention effort] and the [name of hiring department of the POP client] will each provide one-quarter of the funding.

The annual salary for this position will be $______(before benefits). The account to which POP funds should be deposited is ______. The funding breakdown is as follows:

·  POP will provide $____ a year for two years for a total of $______, plus actual benefits and GAEL associated with this salary.

·  ____ will provide $____ a year for two years for a total of $______, plus actual benefits and GAEL associated with this salary.

Any eligibility for future salary increases or benefit adjustments, per UCD benefit composite rate schedule, will be shared by the funding units in the same proportions as stated above.

[POP client] is the [partner/spouse] of [name of primary hire], who has accepted an offer of [rank] in the Department of [department], and started their position on [date]. [OR This POP effort is part of the retention effort of [name of retention effort].

It is the responsibility of the POP client’s home department to notify Academic Affairs-POP office of any changes to the agreed terms of the MOU, including if the client changes percentage of time worked, takes a leave of absence or leaves the position. The home department must return all unused or overpaid POP funding to BIA, as appropriate.

The signatures below confirm this agreement between the Office of the Vice Provost—Academic Affairs and the [School/College name(s)]

Maureen L. Stanton [Name of Main Effort’s Dean]

Vice Provost – Academic Affairs Dean, School/College/Division of ____

[Name of Dean]

Dean, School/College/Division of ____

cc: Binnie Singh, Assistant Vice Provost - Academic Affairs

Sonja Colbert, Executive Director, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost

Carmen Raycraft, Financial Services Manager – Offices of the Chancellor and Provost

Donna Udahl, Analyst – Budget and Institutional Analysis

[Additional signatures of all responsible parties (please spell out)]

College/School/Division Assistant Dean(s)

College/School/Division AP Analyst

NOTE: A staff POP position placed in a non-academic unit is funded through 1/2 funding contributions by Academic Affairs and the main recruiting department (or ¼ split between the main recruiting department and the unit receiving the POP client). Funding only covers base salary (plus benefits and GAEL) for a period of two years.

POPMOU_CAREER ST_Non-AC Unit Revised October 2014