Developing the skills and ability to engage in critical reflection is core to ethical and quality social work practice. As part of your assessment requirements for this Unit, you need to complete and discuss with your Supervisor at least three Reflections. These are not submitted to the University, but your Supervisor will record that these have been completed and discussed during Supervision in the Final Assessment of Learning Report.

Note: Completing a Reflection exploring Culturally Responsive and Inclusive Practice needs to be captured in the ‘Evidence for Learning’ section of your My Professional Learning Tool, under Practice Standard 3. In ‘capturing’ this achievement in the evidence section, just note that a reflection has been completed and discussed in supervision, as well as the key learning you gained from this reflective activity.

To assist you to complete your written reflections, please refer to the Resources provided in the Assessment section on your Unit Blackboard sites. There are some handouts and useful references to support the development of critically reflective practice and writing. One of those resources details the 4Rs of Reflective Thinking, used here:

My Reflection:

Reporting and Responding:
Describe what happened/the issue/incident ● Share why this is relevant? ● Share how you either would/did respond to the incident/issue (i.e. share observations, opinions, or questions that came up for you)
Relate/Make a connection between the incident/issue and your own skills/ professional experience/ discipline knowledge ● Have I seen this before? ● Were the conditions the same or different? ● Do I have the skills and knowledge to deal with this? ● Explain.
Highlight in detail significant factors underlying the incident/ issue ● Explain and show why they are important to an understanding of the incident or issue ● Refer to relevant theory and literature to support your reasoning ● Consider different perspective ● How would your supervisor/more experienced colleague perceive/handle this? ● What are the ethics involved?
Reframe or reconstruct future practice or professional understanding ● How would I deal with this next time? ● What might work and why? Are there different options? ● What might happen if...? ● Are my ideas supported by theory? Can I make changes to benefit others?