Neighbourhood Sports Fund

Guidance Notes

Manchester City Council’s Neighbourhood Sports Fund replaces the previously existing Sport Commission Fund. Administered by the Sports Development Team, The Neighbourhood Sports Fund demonstrates Manchester’s commitment to build a sporting legacy ahead of and beyond the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The fund will be exclusively for Manchester Sports Clubs seeking to grow and sustain participation in sport. Sports Development has 19 focus sports and applications must be from one of these sports. Our ambition is to create a world-leading community sport system with a network of vibrant, sustainable community sports clubs at its heart.
The fund will be available to clubs seeking to:
  • Increase the number of Manchester residents who are members of clubs
  • Increase participation in sport
  • Reduce the number of 16-18 year olds dropping out of sport
  • Increase the number of teams
  • Increase opportunities for volunteers
  • Develop new clubs
  • Engage priority groups such as women and girls, disabled participants, and participants from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups.
In support of Sport England’s vision of a world leading community sport system and to contribute to Manchester’s world class city ambitions, the Neighbourhood Sports Fund is a key work strand of Manchester’s Neighbourhoods of Choice agenda. We are therefore looking for applications which aim to make a significant neighbourhood impact through sport. A maximum grant award of £2,000 can be made, although significant value for money will need to be achieved to obtain the maximum grant possible. Match funding should be sought to maximise the impact of the award.
Support for completion of the application form can be obtained from the relevant Sports Development Officer. This officer will be submitting and discussing each application with a Sports Development Panel and therefore engagement with your relevant officer is crucial. The Sports Development Panel makes a recommendation for each application which is either to approve, defer or reject the project. All recommendations are then reviewed by The Neighbourhood Sports Fund Board for a final decision. You will be informed of the decision at the earliest opportunity.
Please ensure you complete all areas of section 1. You must list the name of the Sports Club / organisation as well as a lead contact from that organisation, plus all the other information.
Please ensure that the main contact is the person within your organisation who has full knowledge of the project as well as being able to answer questions on behalf of your organisation.Please take care to ensure you contact numbers/ email address are written/ inputted correctly as this will ensure efficient communication with you about your application.
Please ensure you write Clearly.
SECTION 2 - PROJECT SUMMARY - (What, Where, When , Who, Why)
In this section we are looking for a brief overview of the project, indicating what will be delivered(e.g. coaching programme), where it will be delivered (e.g. park/leisure centre), when it will be delivered (e.g. every Wednesday 6-8pm for the next 6 months), who will deliver it, who will be the participants,why you will deliver it (e.g. the reason / aim of the project) and the likely impact it will have in the local neighbourhood.
Applications which include submissions for funding to cover or contribute to regular coaching costs will not be considered; however short term specialised coaching delivery will be eligible.
Any applications which contain an element of coach education should apply for this funding through the Manchester Volunteer Sports bureau.
Please tick each of the objectives your project will aim to meet. Your project does not have to meet all of the objectives listed; they are an indication of priorities for Sport Development. You may wish to indicate other project objectives that are not listed.
For each of the objectives you have indicated in section 3 above, please describe HOWyour project will meet these objectives.
Projects will be assessed on the ability of the project to achieve the objectives listed. Projects must indicate how they will increase and or sustain participation in sport and demonstrate what neighbourhood impact will be achieved. Not all projects can be funded and therefore those applicants who can demonstrate the most significant impact against these areas will be successful.
Please indicate the total number of project participants as well as how many new participants will take part in the project / team / activity. Please also indicate the type of participant your project will engage. Each area of this section must be completed. Please ensure your projected participants indicators are ambitious but realistic. You will be expected to report on how successful you have been in meeting your targets.
You are also required to keep sufficient attendance records of project participants. These records are to be submitted on request.
You must provide evidence of support with your application. In this section, please provide a list of the support your project has received and attach this evidence with the application form.
Examples of support could include:
Emails / Letters from schools, community groups such asresident associations, church groups, ward councillors, facility staff, project participants and any other relevant support.
It is important that all applications are supported by their neighbourhood/community. Applicants WILLNOT be considered unless they can clearly demonstrate that they have support from people and organisations within their club’s neighbourhood.
Partnership funding is not compulsory for a successful award. The Neighbourhood Sports Fund will consider fully funding applications provided significant neighbourhood impact can be demonstrated. If the total project cost exceeds £2,000 however, you must demonstrate other funding sources in order for you project to be delivered. Furthermore the board will look favourably on projects where other sources of funding have been obtained which enables better value for money to be achieved.
Each applicant may not apply for continued funding of the same project; therefore you must demonstrate how this project will become sustainable when your awarded funding runs out. Projects will not be funded if applicants are not able to demonstrate sustainability. For advice and guidance on project sustainability please contact your relevant sports development officer.
Applicants are permitted to seek further funding for new projects.Information about funding can be found at the following sites:

Please complete all areas of this section
If your club/organisation has received a grant previously from either Sports Commission or the Neighbourhood Sports Fund, or other sources of funding from different organisations in the past 12 months please give details.
  • In this section you need to detail what you are asking for funding towards. A number of headings have been suggested but you can add to these and amend them to your specific needs.
  • Please provide as much information as possible on the costings, including any in kind contribution which requires an associated £ value and shown in the table provided.
  • A maximum award of £2,000 can be granted, although significant value for money against the outcomes achieved will need to be evidenced. Where possible match funding should be obtained to maximise the grant impact.
  • If successful cheques will be made out to your club/organisation. You need to identify the club you want this to be on your form along with the name of the lead contact.
  • You will be required to provide copies of quotes and receipts for any costs incurred funded by these grant award.
  • ALL organizations need to ensure that they fill in the box which asks for exactly who the cheque is made payable to. Please note no cheque will be issued to anindividual.
  • At the bottom of Section 3 you need to get your application signed off by your relevant Sports Development officer. Their contact details are listed below.

You must read and confirm understanding by placing a tick in the relevant box for all sub sections listed, failure to do so will result in your application not being considered. Please ensure you print your name clearly, date and SIGN this section.
Once you have completed all the sections as per these guidance notes, you should return your form to the appropriate sports development officer. All contact details are listed below. Your sport development officer is there to help and guide you through the application process. They need to be aware of and sign all applications you are making.
Two funding rounds will take place per year:
Round 1 Round 2
Closing date for applications: 31st March Closing date for Applications: 30th September
Notification of Decision: Mid May Notification of Decision: Mid November
If in the unfortunate event of an award recipient (club) folding following a successful grant award. The assets purchased as a result of this award become the property of Manchester City Council Sports Development.
  • Applicants must be from sports clubs/organisations located inManchester.
  • Applicants must demonstrate they will engage Manchester residents.
  • Programmes must be delivered within the Manchester Local Authority Boundary.
  • A Maximum grant of £2,000 can be awarded.
  • Sports Development Groups must approve the application.
  • Applications must be signed of by the relevant Sports Development officer.
  • Sports Clubs must have in place or be in the process of completing an appropriate club development plan.
  • Contribution to capital costs can be made, however applicants must demonstrate how this either increases and or sustains participation in sport
  • You must complete and return a monitoring sheet following a successful award


Sport / Officer / Contact Number /

Email Address

Athletics / Lindsay Johnson / 0161 220 3854 /
Badminton / Kate Holland/Lisa Turner / 0161 220 3834 / /

Basketball / Jeffrey Jones / 0161 223 1155 x 2168 /
Boxing / Kevin Williams / 07912 287 289 /
Cricket / Paul McGuffog / 07803 697814 /
Cycling / Laurel Kinrade / 0161 220 3810 /
Disability Sport / Nicky Boothroyd / 0161 220 3856 /
Football / Louise Belcher / 0161 223 1155
x2154 /
Gymnastics / Chloe Kerr / 07535 675423 /
Hockey / Louise Belcher / 0161 223 1155
x2154 /
Lacrosse / Louise Belcher / 0161 223 1155
x2154 /
Netball / Jenny Matthews / 0161 223 1155 x 2166 /
Rugby Union / Phil Clarke / 07730 814 162 /
Rugby League / Philip Fitton / 07738 130 355 /
Squash / Paul Hulme / 0161 220 3820 /
Swimming / Jemma Alderson / 0161 223 1155
x 2190 /
Taekwondo / Dean Leak / 07739 323 468 /
Tennis / Darren Ashton / 0161 220 3837 /
Waterpolo / Jemma Alderson / 0161 223 1155
x 2190 /