Dear Friends of IHN

Dear Friends of IHN

Dear Friends of IHN,

The girls and helpers have made 1,200 jars (400 jars of each recipe) to be sold. This is such an easy way for churches, youth groups, women's groups, small bible study groups, etc. to participate and support the mission of IHN. We would deliver the cases of jars (12 jars in a case) to the churches or individuals with the expectation that whoever takes on the task of 'selling' jars should have change on hand or individuals are welcome to write a check for the purchase of jars. As stated on the flyer, checks can be made payable to GES4.

The girls sell at several different bazaars and then take orders from family, friends, teachers at school and people from their parents workplace. However, last year, they had to extend the selling into February because all the jars were not sold by end of December. We do not want that to happen this year which is why we are seeking churches support now.

**For businesses that may be purchasing large quantities of jars: 50 or more jars, we can sell them at $7.00 per jar which is less than the break-down given to the general public ($8.00 per jar after 3 or more jars). However, because 100% of the profits are given to the two charities of IHN and Green Bucs, it is up to the business to decide if they can do the extra dollar per jar. We completely understand if they cannot but $7.00 is the lowest we can offer for businesses purchasing 50 or more jars.

If your church, business or group would like to help sell these cookie jars please contact Lisa Saylor at

Type "Selling of Cookie Jars" in the subject line to help me Lisa recognize the purpose of your contact.

Thank you for your support and for considering this giving opportunity.

Pastor Bill Mallernee, Executive Director


Giving Every Season⁴ Nonprofit Affiliate of

Presents A FundraisingOpportunity... “Cookies in aJar”2015

G.E.S.⁴ gained non-profit status in 2010 as an affiliate of Trade Palms (, even though two girl’s hearts have been behind this ‘giving’ project since 2006. Makaila Saylor and Chelsea Hoff, founders of G.E.S.⁴, are now seniors at Beavercreek High School. They have expanded the concept of ‘giving’ to extend to each season: Winter, Spring Summer, and Fall.

Their mission is to encourage others to ‘give’ each season. People may ‘give’ of their time, talent, and/or resources to support persons in need in their own community and beyond as an expression of the love of Christ.

Costperjar: $10.00; 2jars:$ 9.00perjar;3ormorejars:$8.00perjar

100% of the profits will go to support Interfaith HospitalityNetwork(IHN)andGreeneBucs.IHNisa non-profitorganizationinXenia,Ohiothatrespondsto theneedsofmanyfamiliesandtheirchildrenwhoare homelesswhileGreeneBucs,alocalchapterofAmBucs, distributesAmTrykestodisabledchildrenanddisabled veteranstoexpandtheirmobilityandindependencefor transportation,exerciseandleisure.

Paymentcanbemadebycashorcheck.Checksshould bemadepayableGES

Cranberry Delight

Delightindeed!Asweettwisttotheole’fashioned oatmeal cookie with white chocolate and dried cranberriesiscertaintobeafavoritebybothyoungandyoungatheart!

*Pictures displayed show seasonal colored M&M’sand Snicker’scandy.Thesecolorsmayvarydependingonthetimeofyear.

Three Wishes

When you wish upon a star…think “Chocolate.” These cookies are a Yummy triple blend of M&M’s, and white and chocolate chips and they are sure to melt in your mouth and fulfill all you chocolate wishes.

*Pictures displayed show seasonal colored M&M’sand Snicker’scandy.Thesecolorsmayvarydependingonthetimeofyear.


This cookie is nothing to ‘snicker’ about. Peanut butterloversandchocolateloverswillwanttomeet inthemiddleonthisone.Thesecookieswillmake yousmileandaskformore!


*Pictures displayed show seasonal colored M&M’sand Snicker’scandy.Thesecolorsmayvarydependingonthetimeofyear.