D) Where / Playing

D) Where / Playing

  1. Please, ______quiet!

A) be

B) do

C) is

D) does

A) Where / play

B) When / plays

C) When / to play

D) Where / playing

A) Who is

B) What is

C) Who are

D) What are

4. ______us ______football now.

A) Let / play

B) Let s / p]ay

C) Let / playing

D) Let s / playing

5. Does the moon ______in the morning?

A) ever shine

B) rare shining

C) nevershining

D) frequent chine

6. We ______buy expensive clothes.

A) aren’t usually

B) usually don t

C) don’t usually

D) usually aren´t

7. They are fox ______

A) s

B) es

C) ss

D) ess

The trees are ______the house

A) in

B) on

C) below

D) behind

9. Peter and Paul ______French on Monday

A) study

B) studies

C) to study

D) studying

A) When is

B) Where is

C) When does

D) Where does

11. Patty’s very careful. She______fast

A) seldom drives

B) usually drives

C) seldom driving

D) usually driving

A) When / of

B) Where / of

C) When / from

D) Where / from

13. ______Al ice ______work a night?

A) Does / never

B) Does / ever

C) Is / never

D) Is / ever

14. Rose and Bertha ______to the radio now.

A) listen

B) to listen

C) listening

D) are listening

A) Where / resting

B) When / resting

C) Where / rests

D) When / rests

16. Tom and Jane generally get up early. They ______get up late.

A) rare

B) often

C) always

D) seldom

A)It is is

B)Does it does

C) is itis

D)It doesdoes

The table’s ______the chairs.

A) along

B) among

C) across

D) between

The pencil is ______the dictionary and the bananas.

A) over




A) Who / they

B) Who s / him

C) Who / him

D) Who’s / they

A) How are / doing

B) How do / reading

C) What are / doing

D) What do / reading

22. David and Bob like parties, Invite ______.

A) They

B) Them

C) Their

D) They’re

The clock’s ______the door and the window.

A) among

B) inside

C) behind

D) between

The horse is ______the tree.

A) below

B) beside

C) in back

D) in front

25 It ______not ______apple.

A) is / a

B) is / an

C) does / a

D) does / an

The fruit’s ______the table

A) on

B) from

C) under

D) below

21. ______Mr. Smith ______smoke cigars?

A)Does / ever

B)Is / never

C)Are / ever

D)Do / never

A) Who Is

B) Who Are

C) What is

D) What are

29. Bob and Sue ______going ______.

A) do / home

B) are / home

C) do / to home

D) are / to home

A)Who do

B)What is

C)What are

D)Who does

  1. Please, ______quiet!

A) be

B) do

C) is

D) does

A)Does - fast

Bi)Is - fast

C)Does . slow

D)Is - slow

3. ______sugar

A) It

B) It is

C) Is a

D) It is a

A) How is

B) What is

C) How does

D) What does

A) Is / lazy

B) Does / lazy

C) Is / square

D) Does / square

6. ______us ______to the store

A) Let / go

B) Let’s / go

C) Let / goes

D) Let’s / goes

7. Mrs. Smith ______swimming ______the boat

A) is / to

B) is/at

C) goes / at

D) goes / for

8. ______are Laura and Paul ______?

A) Where / doing

B) Where / do

C) What / doing

D) What / do

9. ______Brian ______T. V. now?

A) Is / watches

B) Does / watches

C) Is / watching

D) Does / watching

John and Mary kiss ______mother.

A) they’re

B) you’re

C) their

D) your

11, It’s ______dog.

A) me

8) our

C) you

D) they’re

12. Frank’s walking to ______.

A) downtown

B) kitchen

C) museum

D) church

13. The umbrella’s open. Close ______.

A) it

B) its

C) her

D) She

14 Sally and Joe ______hard every day

A) working

B) work

C) to work

D) works

A) When do / water

B) Where do / waters

C) When does / water

D) Where does / waters

16. Pedro’s two sons rarely ______lies.

A) tell

B) telling

C) don’t tell

D) aren’t telling

17. Italians ______spaghetti.

A) love

B) to love

C) loving

D) are loving

A) What is

B) How is

C) How does

D) What does

19. Bob ______not ______now.

A) is / run

B) does / runs

C) is / running

D) does / to run

20 I’m not Peter I’m ______cousin.

A) me

B) him

C) my

D) his

21. ______not bread.

A) It

B) ls

C) Its

D) It’s

A) Where does

B) Where is

C) What does

D) What is

23. Please, ______quiet!

A) be

B) do

C) is

D) does

A) What do

B) What are

C) Where do

D) Where are

A) Where / from

B) When / from

C) Where / of

D) When / of

26. Peter and Paul ______French on Monday.

A) study

B) studies

C) to study

D) studying

A) Who / of

B) Who / from

C) Where / of

D) Where / from

A) They are they aren’t

B) Are they they aren’t

C) Do they they don’t

D) They do they don’t

A) How / doing

B) How / washing

C) What / doing

D) What / washing

A) How is / washes

B) Whom does / wash

C) How does / wash

D) Whom is / washes