CCUSD Academy Highlights

CCUSD Academy Highlights

CCUSD Academy Highlights


To help determine if the new CCUSD Academy is right for your family, we have provided important highlights and answers to some frequently asked questions.



•School of choicefor grades K-12

•Self-paced, individualized instruction

•Mastery-based learning program

•Continuous assessmentsfeedback

•Online curriculum & offline activities

•Smart use of technology

•No time and distance barriers

•Parent/teacher partnership

•On-campus workshops

•Online tutorial and start-up guide


What ages and grades does it cover?

The goal of the CCUSD Academy is to serve students in grades K-12, offering both a full-time program and supplemental instruction. However, in order to build a program with a solid foundation, we will initially offer full-time instruction to students in grades K-8. Later in the year, the program will expand to include the supplemental component and grades 9-12.

How does it work?

CCUSD Academy is a school that provides a blended educational model combining independent study through technology with both site-based and home-school learning.Students receive most of their instruction at home from a parent-partner, called a Learning Coach, using CCUSD provided materials. Both online resources and the CCUSD Academy Lead Teacher provide parent support. It is not a supplemental after school program.

What curriculum is used and what subjects are covered?

We are using K12curriculum, which incorporates both new common core standards and existing California state standards for Language Arts/English, Math, History, Science, Art, Music, and World Languages. Go to to view scope and sequence for each subject and course, instructional materials, and preview activities.

What is the time commitment for my child?

Students will spend 5-6 hours daily engaged in “schooling”. However, because the majority is happening at home, you can create a learning schedule that best meets your child’s and your needs by breaking up the learning day in smaller chunks of time.

How much time do students spend on the computer?

In grades K-5, students spend 20-30% of their learning day online, with the rest of the time doing offline learning activities including: reading books, solving problems, drawing, conducting science experiments, etc.

In grades 6-12, students have more refined reading skills, so instruction and activities involve increased independence and computer use. However, offline will always be critical.

What is my responsibility as a parent?

You will have the primary responsibility of ensuring that your child completes all assigned work daily, monitor his/her progress, attend all scheduled meetings with the lead teacher, and ensure your child participates in required testing.

What is a learning coach?

A learning coach, often the parent, supervises the students’ education. They become the student’s primary teacher with support from the CCUSD lead teacher. The learning coach provides direct instruction, support with remediation, monitors student progress, and evaluates and maintains all offline work.

In the earlier grades you will provide 3-4 hours daily of direct instruction, support, and monitoring. In the middle grades student become a little more independent so you will supervise 2-3 hours daily of instruction, support and monitoring. In the upper grades you will provide more monitoring and support for their independent learning.

We encourage a parent to be the learning coach. However, you may assign another adult who is capable of providing the education with support and is home with your child daily.

What support is available to the learning coach?

The learning coach will receive course materials, resource videos and online quick tours that support the learning coach both in understanding the material and in teaching the concepts.

What does it cost?

As a public school, curriculum as well as all shipped instructional materials are free. There are no additional fees. Parents need only supply the typical class supplies such as: pens, paper, pencils, index cards, binders, ink and paper for the printer. While some novels are included, other novels can be checked out of the library for free.

What technology do I need?

  • Computer (PC or MAC)
  • High speed internet
  • Printer

What computer skills are required?

Some basic skills are required; however in the earlier grades it is mostly the parent who interacts with the computer.

Will my child have to take the state standardized tests? (CSTs)

Yes. During assigned testing dates, students will be required to come in.