A RESOLUTION Adjourning the Senate in Honor and Loving Memory of Dr

A RESOLUTION Adjourning the Senate in Honor and Loving Memory of Dr


A RESOLUTION adjourning the Senate in honor and loving memory of Dr. O. James Hurt.

WHEREAS, Dr. O. James Hurt was a son of the Commonwealth, having been born in Hardburly, Kentucky, the oldest child of Jasper and Eva Lee Hurt; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt attended Hindman Settlement School, where he was mentored by James Still, and after his graduation the two remained lifelong friends; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt attended the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville Medical Schools, and practiced medicine in Bedford, Campbellsville, and for three years in the Army Medical Corps at Fort Knox. He completed his orthopedic residency in 1955, and for the next three decades he worked at various Louisville hospitals as an orthopedic surgeon; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt was chief of the Veterans Administration's Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Medical Services, past president of the Louisville Society of Medicine, past vice president of the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery, and a member of the Kentucky Medical Association; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt was known as the first "Kosair Kid." He was diagnosed with a bone infection in 1934 at 11 years old and received medical services from the Kosair Crippled Children's Hospital. Throughout his medical career, he tirelessly worked to give back to Kosair for the care they had given him. For years he volunteered his services at the Kosair Juvenile Prosthetic Clinic, and through his selfless dedication to helping others he touched the lives of so many children and their families; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt departed this earthly life on January 26, 2014, leaving behind an indelible legacy of compassion, goodwill, and service to others; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Hurt was married twice, first to the mother of his children, Susanne Orr, and then to the former Kathryn Shaver. He is survived by his daughters, Elizabeth Hurt Leonard and Jane Hurt Warren; two grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; two stepchildren, K. and Robert Shaver, and their children; and many other nieces, nephews, and cousins who dearly loved him;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The members of the Senate, both individually and collectively, express their most profound condolences upon the passing of Dr. O. James Hurt, and extend their heartfelt sympathy to his family in this time of loss.

Section 2. When the Senate adjourns this day, it does so in loving memory, honor, and appreciation of the life and legacy of Dr. O. James Hurt.

Section 3. The Clerk of the Senate is directed to transmit a copy of this Resolution to Senator Julie Denton for delivery.

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