Working at North East Link Authority

Working at North East Link Authority

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Working at North East Link Authority

Howard - Project Manager

I wanted to join the North East Link Authority because of its great potential.

[Vision: Overhead view of location of North East Link route]

To work on what could be the biggest infrastructure project going around really excites me.

[Vision: Artist’s impression of tunnel and cars]

As an engineer I definitely want to be part of that.

Katie - Director, Land Planning and Environment

I love working on major projects and on projects that make a difference for Victoria.

[Vision: Aerial view of traffic]

North East Link is a city-shaping project so I was really excited to be a part of that.

Duncan Elliott - CEO, North East Link Authority

[Vision: Time lapse of traffic - map of Australia showing Victoria]

I’m passionate about the project because I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to something that’s really going to help shape Melbourne and Victoria into the future.

[Vision: Duncan Elliott speaking]

You’re part of a broader family of major projects under the Major Transport Infrastructure Program.

[Vision: Close-up of train and level crossing - workmen - time lapse of night works]

So we have the benefit of working with teams delivering level crossing removals, the Metro Tunnel, and the West Gate Tunnel.

[Vision: Katie speaking]

North East Link Authority is a new forming authority.

[Vision: People in office]

So being a part of an organisation from the start makes it really different.

There’s a different kind of energy in the place.

Everyone’s really keen and enthusiastic to try new things.

[Vision: Duncan Elliott speaking with people - Katie speaking]

I’m also part of really dynamic and engaging leadership team which continues my enjoyment working at NELA.

Sheetal - Manager, Reporting

NELA is dynamic.

The people are amazing to work for.

They bring a strong work ethic with them and a culture of inclusiveness.

[Vision: people playing bowls - people in office - Sheetal speaking

The work/life balance it’s provided me has been amazing because it gives me a chance to balance home and work life, but also deliver the work challenges that I am presented with which are opportunities for growth and development.

[Vision: Howard speaking - Aerial view of freeway]

I think if you’re a go-getter type of person, who’s willing to challenge themselves, who wants to learn and develop, I believe NELA is the right project.

[Vision: Howard speaking]

The environment and the people that will really help you achieve your full potential.

[Vision: Duncan Elliott speaking - aerial view of suburb]

This is the chance to really get in on the ground floor of a project that really only comes along once in your life.

[Vision: Aerial view of freeway]

It’s Infrastructure Victoria’s highest priority road project.

[Vision: Duncan Elliott speaking]

It’s got very strong support in the community.

And it’s a project that I think we’re all going to enjoy being part of.



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