What Does It Take to Host the Metro Conference

What Does It Take to Host the Metro Conference

What does it take to host the Metro Conference?

It seems that we are a point where we need to develop a rotation of schools that are willing to serve as the host of the Metro Milwaukee Lutheran Teachers’ Conference. Without a solid rotation of schools we will continue to wonder about the long term sustainability of the Metro Conference. In order to host the Metro Conference, schools need to be able to provide the following:

  • Worship facilities for 250 people
  • Parking for 250 people
  • At least 8 areas large enough for sectionals of 25-30 people
  • At least 2 (one can be the church) additional areas large enough for sectionals of 50 people
  • An area to serve lunch for 230-250 people (can be split)
  • Technology at a level where presenters will have access to projectors, SMART boards, etc. for presentations

The reality is that not every one of our WELS schools has the facilities to host the Metro Conference. We do need some of our larger schools to consider this request from the group. As you consider being a part of a future rotation of schools, please remember the following:

  • For the past few years we have been providing the host school with approximately $1000.00 to help cover costs. That number could go up or down slightly in the future depending on the number of people that attend. We are roughly providing $4.00 per person to help cover the costs of snacks, beverages, etc.
  • Also, we have not been charging the teachers of the host school to attend the conference. That is an additional savings for the host school. Teachers are still able to attend the sectionals of their choice. Once the conference begins there isn’t that much to do.
  • Since every school is not able to host, we want to be sure that hosting does not become a financial burden to the schools that are willing to open their school to the conference!

I’ve included a list of responsibilities that we share with the host school for you to review. It covers the main items that the host school would be asked to cover. I’ve also included a copy of the rotation of subject areas. We doubled up this year because of the change to a one day conference in 2015. That change was a result of our problem in finding a host school. We are probably at a point where we should evaluate the program format of the conference as well. Hopefully we can look at that once a rotation of schools is in place.

I believe that one of our schools has indicated that they will consider hosting in 2018. It would be nice to be able to share the name of the host school for 2017 at the March 2016 conference as well. Principals, please talk this over with your teachers and let me know by the end of February if you are willing to serve as a host of the Metro Milwaukee Lutheran Teachers’ Conference in the future!


Donald Kolander



Work with Vice-chairman of the Conference during preparation for the conference

Receive and collect reports and presentation materials that are sent to you

Make copies of reports and presentation materials as needed

Fill conference folders

Provide snacks and beverages for morning arrival and breaks – reimbursement from the conference will be provided

Assign and prepare rooms for presentations

Make signs to help direct people and to identify rooms

Provide technology when needed

Welcome teachers when they arrive and assist them when needed

Prepare opening and closing worship (Pastor / Jr. Choir)

Provide assistance for lunch that is brought on site and provide beverages– reimbursement from the conference will be provided

Possible walk through with chairman or vice-chairman

Provide microphone for all activities in church

Address issues of parking with vice chairman

Provide baskets and ushers for collection / offering at opening service

Set up and clean-up of the conference