Welcome to the East Bernstadt Independent School. This

East Bernstadt

Independent School

Student Handbook


Discipline Code


Welcome to the East Bernstadt Independent School. This

handbook has been prepared to inform you about our school.

Our faculty and staff look forward to working with you and

helping you receive full benefit from your school. After

reviewing this information, please be sure to sign page 23 and

return it to the classroom teacher.

Mission Statement

The mission of the East Bernstadt Independent School District is

to educate all students and build lifelong learners, who are

inspired to be their best, while striving for success.


We at East Bernstadt School believe that good attendance is a major factor in your child obtaining academic success. When students have to be absent, we ask that you call the office (843-6221) by 9:00 a.m. and send an excuse when they return to school.


Any pupil who has been absent from school without a valid excuse for three (3) or more days tardy without a valid excuse on three (3) or more days is considered truant. A pupil who has been reported as truant three (3) or more times is a habitual truant. Absences for less than half-day shall be considered tardiness.

Truants shall be reported to the Principal and then to the Director of Pupil Personnel (Truant Office) both of who shall take appropriate action.

Kentucky law states that all children must attend school on a regular basis. Attending school regularly helps keep students up-to-date on all instruction, class work, and homework.


An excused absence or tardiness is one for which work may be made up, such as illness of the pupil, court appearance, funerals, religious holidays and practices, family emergency, doctor appointments, pre-arranged absences made through the school’s Principal.

Three (3) parent notes per semester will be accepted as excused absences. A parental note must be sent with the pupil upon return to school giving the school verification of the pupil’s absence. After the third (3rd) parental note for the semester, a doctor’s excuse will be needed for an absence to be excused.


Unexcused absence is one without proper notification from the pupil’s parent or guardian concerning the reason for the absence. Any pupil who has an unexcused absence may not be given credit for classroom work missed during the absence, including tests.

Please try to schedule all doctor appointments after 3:00 p.m. so your child will not miss important classroom instruction. If you find it necessary to make an appointment during school hours, you must bring a doctor’s excuse when you return.

If you find it necessary to pick your child up early at the end of the day, your child will be considered tardy.

At the end of each grading period, parents shall be informed of the number of absences their children have accumulated.


  1. Letter sent to parents after child has missed school three (3) unexcused tardies or absences. Director of Pupil Personnel or designee may make home visit.
  2. Final notice will be sent to parents after child continues to miss school unexcused. This is after student has (6) or more unexcused tardies or absences.
  3. Should child continue to miss school unexcused, then the school has no choice but to file charges against parents in District Co


No student shall be dismissed early from school without permission from the Principal or his designee. Any student who leaves the school grounds without permission from the Principal shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including, after school detention or Out-of-School suspension.


No student shall be dismissed early from school without permission from the custodial parent. The person who picks up the student shall report to the main school office.


A student may be released to a person with lawful authority to take custody of the student, e.g., a police officer with a warrant. In such cases, the student’s parent shall be notified at the earliest opportunity.


Students are not permitted to bring visitors to school without permission from the office. We do not have the facilities to care for them. All visitors must report to the main school office upon entering the school grounds. Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. If parents need to see a student’s teacher an appointment is requested.


It is important that the school office be notified immediately of change of address, home or work telephone numbers, or emergency information during this school year.


Each faculty and staff member of East Bernstadt Independent School accepts responsibility for maintaining discipline and for promoting a program that develops good human relations. The faculty and staff request parental support in helping maintain appropriate conduct in school. Student behavior should reflect self-respect and consideration for the rights, feelings and property of others. East Bernstadt Independent School is part of the Kentucky Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Project. East Bernstadt Independent School supports the development and implication of positive, proactive and instruction strategies so students become self-disciplined, responsible and productive members of the community.


Breakfast and lunch is available for all students. Breakfast is $1.00 and lunches are $1.50. Free and reduced price breakfast and lunches are available to those who qualify. All students will go with their class to the lunchroom during their assigned period. No food is to be taken out of the lunchroom. Students should not have fast food brought to the school, as these meals do not meet nutritional standards consistent with the school’s National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. Breakfast is served for all students between 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m.


Lockers are available for middle school students. Lockers are public property and will be open to school inspection at any time. When a pupil uses a locker, it is understood that the pupil agrees to this policy. It is the student’s responsibility to keep us with his/her own personal property.


Responsibility of dress is an individual affair; however, we feel that proper dress by students should be expected at all times. The following rules will apply to your appearance while attending our school.

  1. Students are expected to come to school clean and neat.
  2. Shirts are to be worn at all times. Shirts are to be buttoned down the front with only the collar unbuttoned.
  3. No tank tops with straps measuring less than 2” may be worn by students.
  4. Girls should not wear "leggings" with jumpers, nor should "leggings" be worn with short tops over them. “Leggings” should only be worn under skirts/dresses or long tunic tops.
  5. Clothing with *inappropriate imprints, obscene slogans, e.g. hooters t-shirts, drawings, or with alcoholic beverage or tobacco advertisements on them are not to be worn. (*Inappropriate as decided by faculty and administration.)
  6. Halters, belly shirts, and midriffs (above waist) are not to be worn by students in grades 3-8. Also, low cut and plunging neckline shirts should not be worn by students.
  7. Shorts or skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh length. Mid–thigh is defined as halfway between upper leg and knee. This applies to all students.
  8. School athletic uniforms are not to be worn on the school grounds except during athletic events. School athletic uniforms are not to be worn on the school bus to and from home.
  9. Hairstyles that create problems of health and sanitation, obstruct vision, or are designed to call undue attention to the individual are not accepted.
  10. No hats or visors are to be worn by boys or girls except on special occasions.



Students are not to leave the building until buses are parked and the bus bell has rung. A student riding the bus shall conduct himself in a manner that will not endanger his life or the lives of other students through distraction of toe driver’s attention or failure to comply with the driver’s instruction. Examples of failure of a student to conduct him/herself in a proper manner on the bus include, making remarks to people on the road or street, failure to follow the driver’s instructions, changing seats, and damaging parts of the


The riding of a school bus in the East Bernstadt Independent School is a privilege that is conditioned by the behavior and the observance of the rules and regulations for riders. Students who violate these rules are subject to disciplinary action, which shall include such things as loss of riding privileges for three (3) days, five (5) days, and suspension from school for these periods of time. Repeated offenses may bring about loss of riding privileges for the semester or the remainder of the year.

It should be understood by all that the drive has the authority to assign seats on the bus. This may be used as a matter of discipline or any other reason.

The following rules are for the most part mandated by the State Board of Education, which in effect give them the force of law.


  1. Occupy any seat assigned by the driver.
  2. Be on time, the driver will not be asked to wait while you ear or get ready.
  3. Honor any reasonable request made by the driver.
  4. Refrain from the use of tobacco in any form while on the bus.
  5. Refrain from the smoking of any substance on the bus.
  6. Keep head and arms in the bus at all times.
  7. Not cause damage to the interior of the bus.
  8. Leave the bus only at home or school except by written permission signed by the Principal or Transportation Director.
  9. Cross the road in front of the bus only, as directed by driver.
  10. Not throw any object on the bus at any time.
  11. Show respect for others along the route at all times.
  12. Ride only the bus to which you were assigned.
  13. Not ride any bus while on suspension from his/her regular bus.
  14. Not change seats while the bus in in motion.
  15. Stop all talking and noise when approaching railroad crossings.
  16. Not disturb private property while waiting for the bus.
  17. Move away from the bus after unloading.
  18. Not exit from the rear (emergency) door except in case of an emergency.
  19. Wait until the bus stops before moving forward to load.
  20. Keep feet on the floor.
  21. Keep all bulky objects in their possession.
  22. Report and observed damage to the bus.
  23. Show respect and care for smaller children.
  24. Not bring any “pop” cans or bottles aboard the bus.
  25. Not use any vulgar or profane language or gestures while being transported to or from school.
  26. Not chew gum or eat on the bus.


No students are allowed to use profanity of any form while in or on the school premises or engaged in curricular or extracurricular activities.


  1. Tobacco on the school grounds is prohibited by school policy and state regulations. Tobacco in any form is not to be used by students. Tobacco use is prohibited while traveling to and from school or during any school function.
  1. Throwing objects is prohibited while at school or at any school function, or on the way to and from school.
  1. Gum may be allowed by classroom teachers, but must be thrown out/disposed of in a trash can before leaving the classroom or activity or privileges may be revoked.
  1. Students are not allowed to take money or other items belonging to others.
  1. Electronic games or trading cards are not to be brought to school. The school is not responsible for loss theft or destruction of such devices brought on/to school property.
  1. Students may bring cell phones to school, but the phone’s use is not permitted during school hours. Under no circumstances should students take pictures at school or while riding the bus with cell phones. If caught taking pictures with cell phone, 2nd offense consequences put into effect. Cell phones are to be turned off during school hours. If students do not turn off cell phones during school hours and/or they deliberately or inadvertently use the cell phone during school hours the following action will be taken.

1st Offense: Warning; confiscated and returned to student at the end of the school day.

2nd Offense: Confiscated; given to school principal to be returned to parent/guardian after parent/guardian and student conferences with principal.

3rd Offense: Confiscated; given to principal to be returned to parent/guardian; student loses cell phone privileges for remainder of the school year.

  1. Students should conduct themselves in a respectful & responsible manner at all times in the lunchroom, on the buses, traveling to and from the lunchroom and on buses, changing classes, attending school functions, and traveling to and from school.
  1. Students and their parents are responsible for any and all school property lost; destroyed or defaced.
  1. Students must show proper respect for all faculty, staff and other students at all times.
  1. Students will not be given make-up work without a written excuse from parent/guardian, or a doctor’s excuse when required.
  1. Students will not sell or trade any item without special permission from teacher or principal.
  1. Students are not permitted to bring knives, sharp instruments, or any other dangerous articles that could be considered a weapon.
  1. Students are not to have affectionate contact such kissing, holding hands, and/or hugging other students.
  1. Students are not permitted to sit in or stand on railings or ledges of windows or walkways.
  1. Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m., as teachers are not on duty before this time. Students who do arrive before 7:30 a.m. need to report to the early arrival room and parents will be charged a childcare fee.
  1. A student on medication will need a note from the parent notifying the teacher that the student is on medication, (prescription or non-prescription). All medication, prescription or non-prescription, needs to be registered with school nurse upon arrival. School nurse will need doctor permission to administer all medications. School nurse forms are required for each child.
  1. Any student who breaks school rules will be subject to loss of free-time; after school detention, out-of-school suspension, or other punishment. Parents will be notified if their child is required to stay after school and the parent will be responsible for transporting their child from school on those days.
  1. Unlawful possession of a weapon on school property in Kentucky is a felony punishable by a maximum of five (5) years in prison and ten thousand dollar ($10,000.00) fine. (KRS 527.070) The East Bernstadt Independent Board of Education will fully comply with this law by prosecuting any violators.


Level 1.The student shall present his/her initial communication to the teacher. The teacher shall discuss the nature of the problem with the student and shall give a response.

Level 2.If the student is dissatisfied with the response received, he/she may communicate with the principal. The principal will investigate the communication and provide a response.

Level 3.If the student wishes to further review the communication, he/she may discuss it with the Superintendent. The Superintendent will investigate the communication and provide a response.

Level 4.If the student desires direct communication with the Board, he/she may request the opportunity to present his/her written communication to the Board of Education. The Superintendent must receive the request no later than five (5) days prior to the meeting of the Board. The student will then be afforded an opportunity to appear before the Board for discussion of the problem. The Board will consider the problem and respond. The decision of the Board of Education will be final.


Before being punished at the school level (with suspension) for

violation of school regulations, a pupil shall have the right to the

following due process.*

  1. The pupil shall be given oral or written notice of the charge(s) against him that constitute cause for suspension.
  1. If the pupil denies the charge(s), he shall be given an explanation of the evidence the authorities have.
  1. The pupil shall be given an opportunity to present his own version of the facts concerning the charge(s).

In cases which involve the identification, locations, evaluation and educational placement of handicapped students, the procedures mandated by federal and state law for handicapped students she be followed.**